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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jack's ChowHound Food Truck

This past Friday was my first time trying a food truck in Dallas! We went to Oakcliff to check out the new "Pop-Up Speakeasy" Bar 828 and Jack's ChowHound truck was right outside.

Bar 828 is a temporary speakeasy style bar that is only open on Thurs-Sat for 3 weekends in October. This weekend is their last weekend. If you are into Pre-Prohibition cocktails, you might want to go check it out. It's around $10 a cocktail.

Jack's ChowHound
Price: $

Jack's ChowHound food truck was one of the first trucks I heard of since Dallas started allowing more food trucks. I'm hesitant of the food truck scene in Dallas just because it's so new and I've encountered some scheduling issues and miscommunications. But JCH was one of the few that I really wanted to try.

The ordering process is pretty standard. They have the menu next to the truck and you order at the window. Then you wait for them to call your name or number for pick up.

I was with a few friends and we decided to just get a few things to try and then later go have dinner in Bishop Arts District. They do take credit cards so no worries if you don't have cash. It took a while to wait for the it was good that the weather was really nice. And at least I know the food is cooked to order.

I got the Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese (slow cooked pork butt shredded and grilled between toast with BBQ sauce and Gouda cheese ) $8~
It sounded really good. For the price, I thought the size was too small. It was the size of just a typical grilled cheese on toast. I would pay $5 for it at most... The flavor was good. I was a little scared that it was going to be drenched in BBQ sauce but it was just a hint of it. The flavors were light but all worked together. It wasn't a heavy sandwich. The outside had a nice crust to it. I liked it, just not the price.

Two of my friends got the Meatball Sliders (meatballs with provolone, homemade marinara, sprinkled with parmesan on a sweet Hawaiian roll) $5~ to share.
One order comes with 2 sliders. It was pretty small as well. The meatball was moist and flavorful. It was pretty good. But one order will definitely not satisfy you if you are hungry.

Another friend got a side of Hand-Cut Fries. I'm not sure how much it was... either $2 or $3.
Again, not a big portion. It was a little over salted but I liked the thin/crispy fries. We also got an order of the Cajun Fries. Got a nice spicy kick to it. It's the same price and size as the regular.

Overall, the food was good but definitely not enough to make a full meal. Good thing we were going to dinner after! haha. So far food trucks in LA are still wayy better in my opinion. But I definitely plan on going to the next Dallas Food Truck Festival in November. I need to try more to see if I change my perception. As of right now I wouldn't go out of my way to hunt down this truck, but if you see them somewhere, you can still give them a try. You can follow them on facebook or twitter to see their location updates.

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