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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brunch @ Tillman's Roadhouse

I finally got to go to Tillman's Roadhouse!! YAY! Even though it's just for brunch. hehe. Dinner will have to be another venture.

I bought a Living Social coupon MONTHS ago...and I had to use it because it was expiring soon. Oakcliff is just so far that I never make it out there.. :(

Tillman's Roadhouse - Bishop Arts District
324 West 7th Street
Dallas, Texas 75208
(214) 942-0988
Price: $$ (for brunch)

We had other friends joining us for a late brunch but my bf and I went in earlier to catch the Cowboys game (so disappointing...Dahhh...not the food though!) I loved the decor of the restaurant. Western meets sophistication meets eclectic. The chandeliers were great and I loved that wall of logs at the bar. Plus it was nice a bright in the dining area which I really like for brunch.

While watching the game we got hungry so we got something small to nibble. Mini Monkey Bread (cinnamon and cream cheese frosting) $4~
This was so cute! And not that small for the price! :) It tasted even better than it looked. The outer edges were full of sugary cinnamon goodness and had a great crust to it. The inside was soft and buttery. It was surprisingly not too sweet! Just right. The cream cheese frosting added an extra bit of sweetness if you want it. It was delicious! Definitely shareable or even ordered as dessert!

Finally it was time for actual brunch and we moved to the dining area. The hostess let us pick a table that had view of the game and didn't require everyone to be there before sitting us. :)

When everyone arrived. We started with drinks. Mimosas were only $2~
Everyone got one (except me because I'm not a fan of champagne). My bf said it was pretty good.

One friend ordered the Good Morning Biscuits (pair of biscuits with sausage-poblano gravy) $6~ for the table.
The biscuits were baked well with a nice crust on the outside. They were quite large. The gravy was pretty great. At first it was a little salty, but then I started tasting the sausage and poblano in it. I really liked the combination of flavors.

I got a Southwest Caesar (romaine, tomatoes, roasted corn, clack beans, poblano, cotija) Half $4~
The half size was already pretty big. I told them to go light on the dressing but there was still more than preferred, but it didn't overwhelm the salad, so that's good. I liked the corn, beans and poblano mixed in there. It added hints of sweet and spice. The salad was fresh and was different than your typical caesar. I would order it again.

I also got the Egg Sandwich (fried egg, mayo, bacon, avocado, tomato, white cheddar with fruit) $9~ I didn't want the fruit so I asked if I could sub with the potatoes. They were very accommodating and said it wasn't a problem.
I loved the sandwich! From the Challah bun to the flavorful bacon to the creamy avocado and egg yolk. All the flavors and textures were just great together. The bun was buttery and the contrast between the salty bacon and the creamy avocado was NOM!! The potatoes were basically like short cut fries and pretty awesome. I love crispy fries and basically got a whole bowl of it. They were fried really well. I would get it again in a second!

My bf got the 7th Street Burger (wagyu burger, goat gouda, sweet jalapeno aioli, baby arugula, tomato, tobacco fried onions, butter toasted Challah bun) $12~ Comes with your choice of fries on the side.
It was a heafty plate! The burger was really good. The meat was juicy and the other components all worked well together. Again, I loved the Challah bun. One thing for improvement could be making the fried onions a bit more crispy. The sweet potato fries were ok. I thought they were too soggy and a little oily. My bf liked them though. He said they had really great flavor.

One of my friends ordered the Stuffed Chili Relleno (green chili with scrambled eggs, pulled pork and oaxacan cheese) $10~
This looked good and I liked the colors on the plate. I got to try a bite. The pulled pork was super tender. The eggs were fluffy and were great with the chile and the sauce. She liked it a lot.

Another friend got the Venison Frito Pie (white cheddar cheese, scallions, sour cream) $11~
He said it was good but wanted more Fritos. I'm not a big fan of Frito pies in general so I didn't care for it. I thought the venison could use a bit more seasoning as well.

Our waiter was really nice. He was very accommodating and was able to fill all our requests. The hostess was nice as well. It's a casual and welcoming place.

We were all super stuffed so we didn't have any desserts. I need to go back and try their dinner and get the awesome desserts that my friends keep telling me about. The tableside s'mores. Yum! Bishop Arts District is a cute little area. If it didn't take 45 minutes to get there, I would go weekly I think. :( They need to shift the whole area closer to me!! haha.

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