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Monday, February 1, 2016

Bull Daddy Noodle Bistro

I'm so happy that we have more good Chinese restaurants in Dallas now. One of them is Bull Daddy in Plano. In a space that changes businesses every other year... I thought it was cursed. However, this new place is legit and business has been great. Hopefully they stick around for the long haul!

Bull Daddy Noodle Bistro
3309 Coit Rd #100
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 519-1088
Price: $$

They specialize in Taiwanese Beef Noodle soup, and also serve other Taiwanese style dishes. It's sooo good!! They also have really spicy options. Including a Hell No.1, 2, 3 level and a "Hell Challenge". Try if you dare, but fair warning that #2 is already RIDICULOUSLY spicy. Yikes! :P

I went with my family for the first time in November. They had already been before and it got approval from my mom AND my sister. That rarely ever happens. So I knew I had to try it.

Garlic Cucumber $4.95~ Always a good side dish.

Scallion Pancake $3.95~ Nice and crispy. A good choice.

Beef Noodles (dry) $8.95~ 
This was probably my favorite of the night. I normally prefer dry noodles over soupy so I loved that it had all the flavors of regular beef noodle soup but without the soup! This was just a normal level of spicy and it was already plenty. The texture of the noodles was fantastic and the flavors were authentic. Reminds me of Taiwan.

Bull Daddy Hell No.1 (half beef, half tendon) $11.99~ 
My parents got this to share. This level was already a little too spicy for me. My family eats really spicy. My parents were able to handle it. I started sweating immediately. haha. If you like spicy, try this level first. I've heard level 2 is significantly more spicy. And I haven't met anyone that's tried level 3 yet! Again, great noodle texture and flavors.

Ja Jang Noodles (dry) $7.95~ 
I tried this. One of my all time favorite Taiwanese noodles. It was pretty good. My mom's is still the best. It was a big portion. I'd probably get something else next time. But this was decent.

Bull Daddy Fried Rice $10.95~ 
Their fried rice is soooo good. It's like they put crack in it. haha. So flavorful! Not sure how they do it.

Fried Pork Chop Rice $7.95~ 
My fiance got this. He always loves a good pork chop rice. Again, large portion!! The pork chop was fried nicely. For the price, it's an amazing deal. It also comes with soup on the side.

Loved all of it! Sooo happy to have a good Taiwanese cuisine restaurant so close to home. Will be back again soon for sure. The only complaint is that some foods came out a lot slower than others. So some people finished their foods before another person even got theirs. The waiters were nice but service was slow... Hopefully they improve on this.

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