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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chelsea Corner - Media Dinner

Two weeks ago I got invited to a media dinner at Chelsea Corner. It was my first time there. This place has so much history and it was pretty interesting learning about it all. The original Chelsea Corner opened in 1974. Since then, the space has changed hands and renamed several times. But earlier this year, the space was restored, renovated and re-opened with the original Chelsea Corner name. The owners want this place to be the neighborhood spot, where people of all kinds and ages can come hang out. The restaurant/bar's decor is very eclectic. They have different rooms where you can hold private parties and events. I especially loved the back corner where it looks like outdoor patio seating, but it's inside! 
They also recently opened up an actual outdoor patio in the back. This is also a sports lovers dream, as the entire place is equipped with 16 large HD screens.

Chelsea Corner
4830 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX 75205
(469) 726-2211
Price: $$-$$$

As soon as I arrived, the bartender presented me with a Margarita. What service! 
I don't really drink but the other bloggers told me it was good. Before dinner, we got a tour of the whole space and hear the owners' ideas and inspirations behind the business. They told us everything is made from scratch in house. I love that! You definitely wouldn't expect that in a bar setting... We were seated in the front of their open patio area. It was a beautiful day too, wasn't too hot or cold.

While we waited for everyone to be seated, they had a large platter of cheeses and meats. There was one cheese, the Red Dragon (whole grain mustard, sharp cheddar), so good. I love whole grain mustard. The other was a Havarti with dill.

We started with Deviled Eggs (Southern style with crispy pancetta and house pickled red onions) $3~ per piece. 
The chef explained this was like grandma's recipe. It was absolutely delicious. I love deviled eggs and the filling in this one had a nice velvety texture. Loved the crisp texture of the bacon. After everyone had photographed the plate, I casually asked if we can eat those too. Score! :P I can probably eat a dozen of these.

Fish Tacos (blackened Mahi Mahi with Asian slaw) Normally comes with 3 to an order. $15~ You can also choose fried fish as well. 
This was served on corn tortillas which I've never been a fan so it was just ok for me. The overall taco was a little dry. However, we all loved the sauces that came with the tacos. The green one was my personal favorite. I just slathered that taco with it.

The Barnyard (pepperoni, canadian bacon, ricotta, mozzarella, spicy italian sausage). $15~ The crust is made with yeast dough with honey and from scratch. It had a really good texture and added a hint of sweetness to all the pizzas. I thought all the meats made it a little too salty, but I also try to eat less sodium these days so my standard is probably different than most. Everyone loved the pizzas.

Big Daddy White with Chicken (fresh ricotta, oven dried roman tomatoes) $14~ +$2 for chicken. This was my favorite out of the two. I generally like white sauce vs the tomato based sauces. It was lighter in flavor but you can appreciate all the ingredients more, I think. Really yum!

Steak Sandwich (grilled beef tenderloin, brandy butter, caramelized onion, manchego cheese) $22~ 
You get 2 sandwiches with fries per order. This was literally a tender steak between 2 pieces of super soft bread. It was amazing. I'm glad you get TWO because one surely isn't enough!!
Image provided by Chelsea Corner

3 type of Fries: Original, Parmesan Truffle, Texas Ranch Dusted. Sorry no picture because it was really dark by then. But all the fries were well fried. I loved all the different flavors. I basically just mixed them all together.

House Made Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies. $4~ 3 to an order and you can add a glass of Ice Cold Milk for +$1~. 
I was so full but these cookies are BOMB!!! Warm and thick and full of melty chocolate chips. A really really solid cookie... Dang, I want some right now! :P They also brought me a glass of milk. It's perfect, makes me feel like a kid again! I was able to get a 2nd cookie to go, so I totally scarfed down the rest of my first cookie. :P

It was a good dinner. I can see every one of these dishes pair well with a beer, cocktail, or wine. It's great hang out and drinking food. If I lived closer, I'd be there all the time for those cookies. haha. I have to give a shout out to the wait staff that served us. They were great with our large party. I mentioned to one of the waiters of my mango allergy and he specifically went to the kitchen to reconfirm that mango wasn't in any of the dishes. Our water glasses were consistently refilled. And they had a positive attitude the entire night. Thank you, Chelsea Corner, for having me!

Here are some info of the space and weekly events from their press releases:

"The 4,500 square foot space can host 180 people for seated dinners, with plenty more room at the bar. There’s a game room, just like at the original, and large garage doors that open to the climate-controlled patio. Wednesday through Saturday nights, rotating DJs will take over at 10PM with a sound system that rivals New York City night clubs. And if there’s a game on, just look toward one of the 16 HDTVs that pepper the interior.
The large venue includes multiple spaces that can be reserved for private events, making Chelsea Corner an ideal spot for Super Bowl parties, showers, corporate functions, birthdays and dinner parties. And the TVs and sound system are at guests’ disposal to ensure their audio/visual needs are covered."

"Chelsea Corner has live Jazz every Tuesday from 8PM - 11PM, live music every Thursday 8PM - 11PM, Live Video DJ’s every Friday and Saturday 10PM - 2AM"

"Brunch will be served Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM to 4PM"

*The meal was comped but all opinions are my own.*

Quality of Food: 



Value: (comped)

Overall Experience: 


Monday, May 8, 2017

Dallas Fish Market - Menu Tasting

I recently got invited to check out Dallas Fish Market. I was pretty excited because it's always been on my list of restaurants to try but just never made it out. This past Saturday, my husband and I paid them a visit. We had a really early reservation at 5PM, right when they opened for dinner service. Upon checking in, the hostess knew right away that I was there for a menu tasting set up by their marketing department. She sat us right by the window... where there was the best light. Was that a conscious choice on the restaurant's part? I'd like to think so! (It was definitely smart!) :) And the lighting was perfect that day. (The rest of the restaurant was quite dim if you like a more intimate setting.)

Dallas Fish Market
1501 Main St #100
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 744-3474
Price: $$$$+

The hostess gave us some menus to peruse but also explained that the chef was just going to send stuff out, so the menus were just for references. Soon after, we were served 2 glasses of champagne to start and some cucumber waters.

The first course came quickly after... Crab BLT (colossal crab, bacon jam, Thai basil). 
This was a cute little amuse bouche. OMG, it was so cute! Not only did it look good, it was yummy! The biscuit was buttery and flaky. The crab had great texture. And oh the bacon jam.... Yum! I also loved the use of Thai basil instead of Italian basil. It gave a sharper fragrance to the bite. Once the BLT was served, the chef, Chef Triptow, came out to greet us and kind of explained how the dinner was going to work. We basically sit back and let him surprise us with whatever he wanted us to try! Works for me! This way I won't have to choose between all the delicious sounding dishes. hehe.

We started with the Market Clam Chowder (little neck clams, smoked bacon, potatoes) $8~ 

I love a good chowder. And I like really creamy and hearty chowders. I'm usually not a fan of brothy soups. This hit on all my requirements for a good chowder. It was rich, hearty, and full of ingredients... Definitely lots of clams in every spoonful. It is a very rich soup. I'm glad we got to share it. Because if I had finished that on my own, I would've been full.

Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels (lemongrass, red coconut milk, thai basil) $14~ 
I feel like the chef is reading my mind. So far he's sending out all the things I would've ordered on my own. I had been eyeing the mussels from the start. I absolutely LOVED it! It's less soupy than most mussels I've had. Just an observation, not saying either way is better. But that sauce was amazingggg. It was creamy and flavorful... I can definitely taste every ingredient. I loved the combination with the grilled bread and the sauce. The mussels were cooked well and were nice and plump. This was one of my favorite dishes of the night.

Housemade Biscuits (jalapeno, cheddar, maple syrup butter, sea salt). 
This was an unexpected little bonus between the starters and entrees. The biscuits were buttery and flaky and warm. I was intrigued by the maple whipped butter. You can definitely taste the maple syrup. And the addition of the sea salt intensified that sweet and savory combination. Loved the savory biscuit with the slightly sweet butter.

For the entrees, we got Scallops with Cauliflower Three Ways (cauliflower puree, roasted cauliflower, raw cauliflower salad) $34~ 
Again... reading my mind? I love scallops, but I rarely order them at restaurants because most place tend to give you only 3 tiny pieces are sometimes disappointing. The last time I ordered scallops at a nice restaurant (I won't name names), it was expensive, small, and the scallops were gritty! This was not the case at Dallas Fish Market! It's still a pricey dish, but you get FOUR good sized pieces of scallops. And it was cooked to PERFECTION. I have not had scallops this good in a long time! Perfectly seared, perfectly tender and the plating was beautiful. 
All the presentation so far have been great, but we really start to see the artistry with the entrees. Also, I love cauliflower. I eat it weekly. The puree was creamy and luscious. The grilled ones were my favorite... cooked with browned butter, it had added so much flavor to the dish. I just wished there was more of it. And the raw cauliflower florets added a slightly crunchy texture. I also have to point out the grapes. I've never had grapes with scallops before and it was genius. Just slightly sweet, it paired so well with everything. I started cutting them in half just so I can have a bit of grape with every bite. A+!

Fennel Coriander Crusted Ahi Tuna (mushrooms, sugar peas, serrano, black bean paste, mustard miso) $34~ 
The chef obviously read my husband's mind too because Ahi Tuna is like his favorite thing. Gorgeous plating, once again. That black bean paste was so bold in flavor. We've seen a lot of Asian influences so far and we're loving it. The tuna was tender and that crust was my favorite part of the dish. My husband really enjoyed the sauce and all the veggies in it. The serrano added a nice heat but wasn't overly spicy. The entrees didn't look that big, but were both quite full at this point.

I knew there was going to be dessert but wasn't sure what we're going to get because desserts weren't listed on the menu.

The waiter brought out these cute little Black Sesame and Yuzu Ice Cream Cones (truffled honey, toasted quinoa). 
My eyes lit up as soon as I saw the black sesame ice cream. I'm obsessed with it and I'm sad that you can't really find much of it in Dallas. But what? We're at a non-Asian place and were served black sesame ice cream?! I'm officially impressed now. Biting into it, I also tasted something like lemon. So I asked the waiter what else was in it and he asked the chef. The chef actually incorporated Yuzu into it. Another ingredient I absolutely love but is really lacking in the Dallas food scene. NIce! The waiter also told us that this is not on the menu, and the chef decided to make it specially for us. Awww... He definitely made it for the right people because we love all these flavors. It was the perfect little bite to end the dinner.... Or so we thought...

But wait. There's more! (Of course! haha). My husband's eyes got really wide when more desserts came because we were both so full.

They brought out a Molten Chocolate Souffle (creme anglaise). 
The creme anglaise was poured at the table. The souffle was so hot, you could actually see the sauce pulsating inside of it. Since it was a molten souffle, the inside was a little denser and molten-y than a typical souffle. Which I enjoyed because I like denser desserts. Sometimes I find souffles too light. haha. Have you noticed I like things with more substance and heft? I also loved the top crust. That's usually my favorite part of a souffle. The chocolate was dark but not bitter. And it wasn't overly sweet. :)

The chef came back out when the desserts were served to see how we were doing and introduced the desserts. We found out then that he had just returned from a trip to Japan. His first time! We talked for awhile about our experiences as well as his. This is where the idea of the black sesame yuzu ice cream came from. He also said that he discovered more flavors from his trip that he's going to try and incorporate into future dishes. He's already got some ideas. That's really exciting. My husband and I both loved Japan and we look forward to what Chef Triptow brings to the table in the future. If he's already incorporating a lot of Asian flavors, his trip to Japan would definitely bring more creative ideas into the menu.

The last dessert was a Beet Ice Cream (citrus buttercream, chocolate crumble, candied beets) $8~ 
It was absolutely gorgeous. Basically art on a plate. The chef said he wanted to do a more savory dessert. This dish is actually not on the menu right now. They will debut it on the Mother's Day Brunch coming up this Sunday 5/14 (you can find the menu on their website). And then after that, I believe it will be added to the regular menu. The dish looked like a beautiful spring garden. The chocolate crumbles (made with hazelnuts, almonds, and peanuts) is the earth, and it's covered with bold colors of pinks, greens, and yellows. The beet ice cream was so good... you can definitely taste the beet but it wasn't weird. We both love beets so we inhaled this dessert. My favorite part on this dish though... that citrus buttercream. It's bright and creamy. I kinda want the Chef to create another dessert just around that citrus buttercream. So good!

What a wonderful dinner. I'm kicking myself for not going to the Dallas Fish Market sooner... it's been around for a long time (since 2007)! For a city that's not close to the ocean, I have to say that Dallas has some great seafood restaurants! We loved everything that the chef chose for us. I actually like being surprised like this. It takes the pressure off of me to choose what I want. Because I always want everything! haha. And the chef and I were totally on the same vibe because I probably would've picked everything he sent out anyways. The quality of the ingredients were top notch. The presentation was also great. And we had fantastic service. Multiple people waited on us, perks of going early when the restaurant is not full yet! Our water glasses never got past half empty (which my husband REALLY appreciated), and the timing between each course was just right. I would totally recommend it for a date night or special occasion. And a huge THANK YOU to Dallas Fish Market for having us out and filling our bellies. :) Can't wait to come back in the future.

*The meal was comped but all opinions are my own. Plus, always tip your wait staff even if you get a free meal!*

Quality of Food: 



Value: (comped)

Overall Experience: 


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Iceland Trip - March 2017

Last month, my husband and I went to Iceland 5 days. It's always been on my bucket list and we both wanted to see the Northern Lights. Iceland is beautiful... you can literally point your camera in any direction and take a great picture.

We booked a 3 day tour through Guide to Iceland. The package included transportation, 2 hotel stays, free breakfast, and all the equipment needed for any hikes and excursions. You can also rent hiking boots from them for an extra fee. It was a great deal. We had a designated shuttle bus with the best driver, Kristjan! He drove us through a snow storm on the 2nd day with no problems, while we saw a bunch of stranded cars on the side of the road. And our tour guide, Helgi, was the best. He was funny, knowledgeable, and easy going. We saw lots of other tour guides who basically just gave history lessons to their groups, how drab. We were even ahead of schedule some days, so he took us on detours like his family farm where we got to see Icelandic horses, and go to a milking farm where we saw live cows and got the freshest ice cream ever. I highly recommend booking a tour with them.

But since this is a FOOD blog, I'm going to focus more on the food we had in Iceland. The food in Iceland was overall really good, but you have to prepare yourself when you go there. Everything is insanely expensive! You can certainly try to go to the grocery stores and prep your own food, but after a certain point, we gave up trying to save money and just enjoyed ourselves. Cuz when will we be in Iceland again, you know? They import almost everything there, plus most of the economy is based on tourism, so I think that factors into the cost a lot. The good thing though... pretty much everywhere in Iceland takes credit cards (with the chip), so you don't need to exchange any cash at all! That was super convenient.

For our nights staying in the city, Reykjavik, we stayed at Fosshotel Lind. It was still pricey for the type of hotel, but it was definitely one of the more "affordable" options that isn't a hostel. But the hotel was clean and the staff was nice so we enjoyed it. Plus the breakfasts were complimentary.

We had a day in the city before our tour so we went around exploring. The downtown area of Reykjavik is really cute, lots of restaurants, shops, and cafes. We stopped by a cafe called C is for Cookie for a late lunch and tea time. We got one Cheese Toast with Egg, a cookie, a cup of tea, and a cappuccino for a little over $30~.

For dinner we hit up Noodle Station, one of the more "affordable" eateries in town. I did a bunch of Google searches for cheap eats in Iceland and this place keeps popping up. It was packed, as expected since it's slightly cheaper, but it's still $15 for a bowl of noodles. They only have 3 options on the menu... beef, chicken, or vegetarian. We got one of the beef and one of the chicken. Walking in, it brought back so many memories of my childhood because it smells just like Taiwanese beef noodle soup. But it certainly didn't taste like it... Sigh. It was decently good but the broth was quite sweet which caught me off guard. The beef was definitely better than the chicken. The portion was enough to satiate hunger, but not enough to make you full. Good thing we had such a late lunch, so the portion size was enough.

Day 1 of Tour:
We got picked up from the hotel at 8:30AM and we were on our way! The bus ride was long since we had a lot of distance to cover. If you are prone to car sickness, these guided tours may not be a good idea... During the day we just stopped at rest stops and got pre-made sandwiches and snacks to get us through. We saw several waterfalls and did the glacier hike. The glacier hike was 3 hours and awesome. One of my favorite excursions on the whole trip. After a packed day, we got to our hotel really late but our guide had sent our dinner orders in early so we didn't have to wait long to eat. How nice of him! :) We stayed at Hotel Hofn, known for their lobster. We were told these were small lobsters, not the typical ones you get at a restaurant in Dallas. It was 9PM by the time we got in... so tired! The food was pretty awesome. But it was definitely really heavy for eating so late at night. I got the Lobster Pizza. And my husband got the Lobster Ravioli. The ravioli was divine! The 2 dishes together was about $65~.

Day 2 of Tour:
We went to the Glacier Lagoon on the 2nd day. It is breathtaking. One of my favorite sights of the tour... but damn it was coldddddd that day. High winds and snow, real feel was about 20 degrees. Brrrr! After about 20 minutes in the cold, I couldn't take it anymore, so I went to the little shop by the parking lot and we got some snacks... which was basically lunch. A bottle of water, a yogurt, and a sloppily made (but surprisingly tasty) sandwich. $16. Yikes.
And bottled Icelandic water is so good, y'all! Super refreshing and crisp. Then it was off to explore an ice cave! 

We had a really late lunch at another rest stop. They served hot foods cafeteria style. We totally splurged cuz my husband saw Lamb Shanks. So he got the Lamb Shank platter, with potato au gratin and salad for $26~. I just got a plain Cheeseburger sans fries... and it was still $9. My husband loved the lamb though, so it was worth it.... I guess. :P

Dinner was also really late since there's just so much driving from location to location. Our guide recommended a great restaurant by the hotel for dinner so the entire tour group went! Eldsto Art Cafe. Since it was such a big group, the food took forever to come out. Finally we were too hungry, so I went to the front display case and got a slice of cake. haha. Chocolate Caramel Cake $9~.
I ordered the Veggie Panini but added Bacon. It was yummy and a lot of food. $18~
My husband got the Countryside Sandwich (dark baguette, BBQ pork, marinated red onion, pepper cheese, BBQ sauce, side salad) $25~ His sandwich was delicious!!!! But quite heavy, especially at 9:30 at night. XP
My friend, who happened to be in Iceland at the same time, joined the tour too... she got the Fish and Chips (fresh cod, deep fried in homemade orly batter; Served with fresh salad, french fries, and sweet and sour sauce) $30~ What an amazing looking dish! It was so yummy! Can't go wrong when you order cod in Iceland. It's one of the only things they source themselves. It's always so flaky and fresh!

Day 3 of Tour:
It's Golden Circle day! We started with the Golden Waterfall (Gullfoss), which was another one of my favorite sights of the tour. What a grand waterfall! Then we hit up the Geysir hot spring area. Did you know that the word Geysir actually means "erupting hot springs"? We learned that Icelandic names are all very literal, and they combine descriptive words together, that's why the names are all so long! Strokkur is the main geyser that still erupts every 5 minutes or so and it's pretty cool. 

They had a large rest area with lots of shops and restaurants by the geysers, so we had a pretty good lunch there. I got the Pork Belly plate.. cuz I mean.. just look at that crispy skin!!! Wowzers! I HAD to get it. $28~ That skin did not disappoint!
My husband got a Chicken and Bacon Sandwich. And a slice of Apple Pie. I don't remember how much those cost, but I think we spent close to $50-55 for lunch. Geez.

Our guide told us after lunch that we've been so good on time that we have time for a detour to get some ice cream! He took us to this milk farm, Efstidalur II, where you can see the cows, and inside the store, there's an ice cream shop. I mean... can't get any fresher than that, right? I got a scoop of Rhubarb Coconut and my husband got the Oreo Biscuits. Yum! $4.60 each scoop with waffle cone (which is made in house). We made such good time! We were back in the city and checked into the hotel by dinner time.

We (including my friend) decided to go check out a restaurant in Reykjavik that our guide had recommended where we can get some Icelandic delicacies... Puffin, Whale, and the infamous Fermented Shark. So we walked in the snow flurries into downtown to Icelandic Bar (Islenski Barinn). I'm glad we had 3 of us there so we can share these dishes cuz they were pretty expensive. We decided to get all 3 delicacies... cuz why not? (Even though I was really against the fermented shark from the beginning... it just sounds horrible.)
Fin Whale (in a jar, citrus dressing, pickled chili, herbs) $15~
Grilled Puffin (in a jar, blueberries, skyr, pickled red onion, herbs) $15~ I liked both the whale and puffin. Surprisingly they were both red meat. Whale was basically like beef and not that blubbery like some people have mentioned.

Fermented Shark (6 pieces in a jar; dried haddock with butter) $14~ Plus a glass of Brennivin $8~ The Bennivin is a vodka chaser, and I really think you need this to tolerate the shark. Single most disgusting bite I've had in my life! No joke. (I hope you are not eating when reading this...) But it tastes like puke. Literally. XP I also made the mistake of smelling it first before eating it. It smells about 10x worse than it tastes, and it tastes gross! I managed to swallow half a piece. My friend had to spit it out. My husband, however, tolerated it. But after he ran out of the vodka, he said the flavor definitely got more pungent. I would advise you to save your money and taste buds to just skip this one when you're in Iceland. Don't say I didn't warn you! I can smell/taste it when I think of it.... UGH.

So we had to order some regular food to get this taste out of our mouths!
My husband got the Reindeer Burger (camembert, lettuce, sweet pepper, wild berry jam, garlic mayo, sweet potato fries) $34~ Slightly gamey but not bad. But definitely not worth $34 in my opinion. Ha!

Sigga's Burger (beef, cheese, pepper cheese sauce, lettuce, sweet pepper, Icelandic pancake filled with bacon and cheese on top; waffle fries) $23~ My friend got this. It's interesting because the top "bun" is actually a pancake. I thought this was better than the reindeer burger. And those waffle fries were yum.

Fish of the Day (served over pasta, topped with arugula) $26~ I don't remember what fish this was... either Salmon or Arctic Char, both of which I love. It was a great dish. I loved the creamy pasta, and also the pile of veggies on top.

Our last day in Iceland, we had the morning free so we went for a walk into the city. My husband wanted to go find the famous hotdog stand. Baejarins Beztu Pylsur. It also comes up as affordable eating in Reykjavik. I found out that the hotdogs were made of lamb so my interest immediately disappeared. So we went to go find it for him. We finally found it and there was no line! Woot. I noticed the price had gone up a dollar since the article I found online. It is now $4 a hotdog. And... it doesn't look all that appetizing. Not sure what that sauce is on top, and my husband couldn't quite figure it out either. But he liked it. That's all that matters.

For lunch we went to The Laundromat Cafe. I had seen it online and it looked so cute! And it really does have a laundromat downstairs.
Baileys Latte $18~ So $$$ but deeeelicious! It's our last day so whatevs. 

Icelandic Cod (Icelandic cod in breadcrumbs with roasted potatoes, lemon pepper and sea salt; served with chili mayonnaise, beet-slaw, rucola, and a lemon) $27~ Expensive lunch but OMG Icelandic cod is fantastic. Just perfectly tender and fluffy and the breading was perfect. It was a fantastic dish. The beet slaw was quite interesting too, paired with the fish well.

That afternoon we were picked up from our hotel for our Blue Lagoon visit! We booked a tour through and it included roundtrip transportation from our hotel to the Blue Lagoon, plus the Standard entry (entry and silica mask) into the Lagoon. Once we got there, we upgraded to the Comfort package which includes a towel, a drink at the bar, and the algae mask in addition to the silica mask. I'd say the upgrade was worth it. The free drink pretty much pays for the upgrade anyways. 

I got the Blueberry Skyr Smoothie $9~ and my husband got the Green is Good smoothie (banana, mango, spinach, ginger, orange juice) $9~

After getting back to the city from the Blue Lagoon, we were starving! So we went to a Thai place that was just around the corner from our hotel. Banthai. They had a pretty big menu so it was hard to decide what to get, but I also tried to pick something that wasn't ridiculously priced. This restaurant was actually the one bad experience we had in Iceland. Everyone in Iceland is so nice and even though the food is expensive, it's always been really good. The service at Banthai was terrible!! Our waitress looked like she didn't want to be there. The service was really slow and it took forever to get our food. But get this... when you order the curry, it doesn't come with rice. It's an additional $3. WTF! How do you eat curry WITHOUT rice? And the curry dish was already like $20. Geez. So none of us ordered it. I saw the table next to us had ordered it and it was a very small portion. Then our food came and they were all pretty small too.

Kao Pad Panang (fried rice with choice of meat, stir-fried in panang curry sauce with string beans, bell pepper, and egg) $18~

Pad Mee Luang (pan fried egg noodles with choice of meat, carrots, mixed vegetables) $18~

The Keflavik airport is great... when you are flying domestic (meaning anywhere in Europe). There's a great area with cafes, food vendors, and shops. It's like hanging out at a mall. Our flight was super early in the morning but good thing all the stores were open. So we hung out at Joe & The Juice until it was time to go to our gate.
Sex Me Up (passion fruit, apple, ginger) $8~ That ginger was spicyyyyy!
Avo Shake (avocado, banana, vanilla milk) $8~ Yum. Loved this.

We also got some sandwiches for the flight since they don't provide food. 

Peace out Iceland, it's been great! Now onward to Amsterdam!!! Stay tuned for my Amsterdam post. :)


Here are some of our scenic pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

Seljalandsfoss - one of the many waterfalls we saw
Skógafoss - look! a rainbow!
You can climb 320+ stairs to the top and see the waterfall from top down.
Our view during our hike to the glacier.
Glacier! We're heading up there!
Top of the glacier view. 3 hour hike total. Loved it!
Diamond Beach. These are chunks of glacier ice that wash ashore.
Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. One of my favorite sights.
Inside the Ice Cave.
The ice is so blue!
Gullfoss - Golden Waterfall. One of my favorite sights.

It's so grand!
Strokkur - it erupts every 4-5 minutes or so.
Thingvellir National Park. Where 2 continents meet! Parts of Game of Thones is also filmed here.