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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cafe Flair

Went to Cafe Flair over the weekend for a light dinner. I had been there few times before and wanted to take my bf.

Cafe Flair
3231 Preston Rd. #13,
Frisco, TX 75034
(214) 864-9124
Price: $

You order at the counter and they bring your food out to you. It's a small little cafe... cute and simple. They also feature lots of drinks, smoothies and boba.

We got 2 savory crepes and a dessert crepe to share.

Chicken Quesadilla (grilled chicken breast, avocado, onions, cheddar, tomatoes, side of sour cream) $6.95~
All the crepes I've had here are all very fresh and light. It's a pretty large plate but you never feel heavy after eating it. It was the same this time. This was really good. The chicken was tender and the avocado and cheese added a creaminess on the inside. The crepe itself was light and fluffy.

La Provence (grilled chicken breast, scrambled egg, tomatoes, mozzarella, house pesto sauce) $6.25~
This was good as well. I really liked the pesto sauce, I wish there was more of it inside the crepe. The chicken was also very tender. It was so light, definitely gives you room for dessert! hehe.

Strawberry Cheesecake (cheesecake filling, strawberry sauce, whipped cream) $4.95~
When we made the order, we asked them to make the dessert a little later so it doesn't get cold. They brought it just when we were finishing the savory crepes. :) The dessert crepe looked smaller. :( I think it's because the filling is less so they could fold the crepe over more. This was really good. I usually opt for something with chocolate or nutella but wanted to try something different. The filling was this gooey strawberry cheesecake sauce. It wasn't super sweet but definitely satisfied the sweet tooth. I think with a scoop of ice cream and some chocolate sauce, it would be even more awesome! hehe.

I've liked Cafe Flair everytime I go. I don't feel heavy after so it's makes a good light lunch or dinner. AND I can still get dessert! hehe. If you like crepes, go check them out! :) Their drinks are pretty good too!

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