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Friday, October 28, 2011

Chicago: Day 2 - Pequod's Pizza

Can't go to Chicago and not get deep dish pizza!! My friends live there so they've tried many different places and claims that Pequod's is the best.

Pequod's Pizza
2207 N Clybourn Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 327-1512
Price: $-$$

It took me a while to even understand the name. haha. I think you pronounce it "Pee-Quads"... and the logo was a whale with underwear on it's head. What??? haha. I googled "Pequod" and it's actually a Nantucket whaleship in the 1851 Moby-Dick novel. Interesting... hehe.

I'm so glad we made a reservation. The place was packed and they had several groups waiting in the front. We actually got there 10 minutes early too. The host told us that we can go ahead and put in our order while we wait for a table since it takes about 40 minutes for the pizza to cook.

The place is actually pretty can't tell from walking in the front door. It's got a bar feel... dim and loud. They had TVs everywhere so we got to watch the Rangers game! :)

We started with The Pequod Salad (romaine, cheese, pepperoni, pepperoncini, black olives, green pepper, mushrooms, carrots, tomato, onion; with creamy garlic dressing on the side) $8.95~
After a day of more carbs and sugar...I really wanted a salad. It was massive, definitely enough for 3-4 people. The greens were fresh and the toppings added good flavor. The creamy garlic dressing was super thick...kinda like mayonnaise almost but tasted good!

We got a Medium (12") Pan Pizza (sausage, mushrooms, Giardiniere) $12.95 for cheese only +$2 per topping = $18.95~
All pizzas are plain and you make your own combinations. With additional charge per topping. We weren't too hungry so we thought a medium pizza for 4 people was plenty. The pizza was pretty awesome. It was hot and steamy. The cheese was super melty. I loved the bottom of the crust. It had a crispness to it, kinda like the outside of a good grilled cheese (the waitress's description). Supposedly other pizza places didn't have that. They also have their Famous Caramelized Crust. The pizza is baked in a cast iron pan blackened by decades of seasoning, and the overflowing cheese emerges from the oven as a halo of caramelized crust.
The edge was crispy, chewy and full of flavor. Another one of my favorite elements is the sausage on top. They also had a nice char/sear on top so it added extra texture. The flavors all worked together. The marinara had just the right amount of spices and flavor...wasn't too sour. The dough in the middle was nice and pillowy. And it wasn't too greasy! It was a lot of food! One and a quarter slices is all I managed to stuff down.

We also got Wings $7.95~
OMG... so much food again. I only managed to eat one since I was so full. But it was really good. The wings were so juicy and tender and I really liked the sauce. I wished I could've eaten more. The rest of the people killed the entire plate though. hehe.

The service was great. The host and hostesses were really friendly and our waitress was also very nice. The manager also came by to make sure we were liking our food. And after they served the wings, the manger came by again and apologized for the wait and said it was taken off our check. I didn't even notice that the wings came late. That's great service right there! It was a great dinner. The Chicago deep dish did not disappoint. I totally suggest checking out Pequod's if you haven't been there yet!

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