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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taste of Greenville Avenue

I went to the Taste of Greenville Avenue in Dallas yesterday with some friends. This is my first time going to TOGA...I'm not sure how long they've been doing this. Basically a bunch of restaurants along Greenville Avenue participate and sell samples of their food in different booths. Most of the food ranges from $2-5.

4925 Greenville Avenue @ University
Dallas, TX 75206
Saturday 10/29/11 - 10AM to 8PM

The main thing that made me wanted to go was the first thing we got!! Enjoy the pictures!

The Grape:
- Spicy Candied Bacon on a Stick (aka Heart Attack on a Stick) $5~ OMG!! So fatty and rich and sinful. I'm glad we ate it first because it was so heavy. Soooo yummy though. :P

Pho Is For Lovers:
- Pork Banh Mi $3~ Pretty standard. Fresh.

St. Martin's Wine Bistro:
- Champagne Brie Soup (signature soup for 36 years) $5~ I've heard great things about this. Creamy and rich. Light in flavor. Pretty good, I can't drink the whole thing though.

Woodfire by Kirby's:
- Sauteed Beef Tenderloin (with a Cognac Pepper Sauce & Loaded Mashed Potatoes) $3~ Steak was tender. Didn't care for the sauce though.

The Blue Fish:
- Ahi Tower Cone $5~ Really cute in the waffle cone. Yummy!
- Kobe Sliders (2) $5~ Eh. Generic...

Ozona Grill & Bar:
- Jalapeno Fries $3~ Not really fries. Just battered jalapenos and fried. Not very spicy. A little salty but quite addictive.

The Original Fried Pie Shop @ Baker's Ribs:
- Fruit Fried Pie (Cherry) $3~ Large. Too sweet for me.
- Creme Fried Pie (Chocolate) $4~ Awesome. Crispy crust. The filling was like chocolate pudding. Not too sweet. Very tasty!
- Meat Fried Pie (Pulled Pork) $5~ Looked good, I didn't try though. Needs BBQ sauce I heard.

Shuck N Jive:
- Fried Shrimp Basket $5~ Was fried nicely. But not worth the money.

It was a really nice day for something like this. I thought in general the prices were a little high. I think each item could be reduced by $1 or something. But it was something different to do here in Dallas. There was also a stage with performances and beer sampling for a small fee. Maybe I'll go again next year. :)

Overall Event:


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