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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Company Cafe Again!!

Potentially becoming one of my new favorite places now.. I went back to Company Cafe after just a week. It's kinda far for me to get to, so it's a pretty big deal that I went again so soon!

This time the place was a lot busier when we arrived. The weather was great so the patio seating was full. We walked in and I noticed there were no cakes in the display case! Uh-oh...I hope they are making more!

They tell us to sit wherever we'd like and gave us some menus. I was determined to get the Short Ribs this time!! haha.

There were a couple people from our group running late, but I wasn't gonna wait around for them! I need to make sure they don't run out of short ribs again! :P

The 2 of us there first decided to order. We got the Loaded Sweet Potato Fries again. They are awesome! This time the fries seemed smaller but they put more bacon and cheese! YUM!

I got the Braised Short Ribs (Served with sweet potato mash, organic baby spinach and pomegranate barbeque sauce) $16~ I substituted the mash for the sweet potato hash. YAY! This looked AMAZING! The short rib was so incredibly tender and the flavor was great. The hash wasn't what I expected...I was thinking more like hash browns where they are crispy. But I enjoyed this a lot. It was cooked just al dente so it had a nice crunch to it. With the fork tender short rib, the crunch of the sweet potato was a nice contrast. I loved the pomegranate bbq sauce. I wish there was just a tiny bit more though. And the spinach was so fresh, it added brilliant color to the dish. Delicious! I would definitely get this again.

I also ordered a side of the Herbed Risotto $4~ This was yummy! It was thick and creamy (how I like risotto to be, but apparently the "right" way to do risotto is have it a little runny...not the way I like it! hehe). It was full of herb flavors. I could eat just a big bowl of this.

We noticed that they had changed up their chicken and waffles a little bit...the waffles seemed to be crispier this time, so my friend decided to get it again and see if it was improved. Chef Fred's Gluten-Free Chicken and Waffles (olive oil fried chicken with gluten-free waffles which are stuffed with applewood-smoked bacon and roasted jalapeno. Sided with real maple syrup) $14~ This time he asked for the syrup just on the side so the waffles don't get soft to quickly. The waffles were still not as crispy as I would've liked, but they've definitely lightened up the batter a bit. Still not fully there yet, but it's cool that they are showing improvements just after a week. The chicken was still FANTABULOUS! :) Next time we go we'll probably get it again to try the waffles again. hehe.

Finally, everyone else started showing up...haha.

One friend ordered the Chili-Rubbed Seared Ahi Tuna (served with Chimichurri rice and sauteed asparagus) $16~ This would've been my backup if they ran out of the short ribs again. hahaha. The portion seemed kinda small but I think with the rice it would still be quite filling. The tuna had a great sear on the outside and the rub had reall good flavor. It was nice and red on the inside as ahi tuna should be. I liked the rice, but I liked my herbed risotto better. This is definitely a healthy dish if you are trying to be good without skimping on the flavor.

My bf ordered the Steak Sophisticate (Pan-seared 8oz. grass-fed top sirloin steak serve with red wine-shallot sauce, vegetables and cauliflower mash) $18~ He's been trying to cut down on the carbs and this was a great dish for that. The steak was cooked well at medium rare and I liked the sauce on top of it. It had a bit of acidity to it which help cut the rich meat a little. The best part of the entire dish though, was the cauliflower mash. It definitely beats mashed potatoes! It was super light and fluffy. My bf was like "we need to learn how to make this!!" haha. I'll have to try and find a recipe and test it out! I thought for the price, the portion was a bit small, but everything was cooked well and tasted good.

Towards the end of dinner, it still didn't seem like they were putting out any new cakes. :( I asked one of the waitresses about it and she said that they had just baked a ton of stuff for the Earth Day Fair downtown so they probably wouldn't be putting out anything new anymore... Booo...

So we decided to get some of their Gluten Free Brownies (topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce from Dude Sweet Chocolate) $2~ per piece. We got 5. 1 for each person. And one of my friends actually sweet talked the waitress into giving us 2 brownies for free. Play-ah! hahaha. The brownies were pretty good...not too sweet and pretty light. You can tell it was gluten free had a slightly grainier texture than regular brownies. The sauce had a hint of alcohol flavor in it, but there's no actual alcohol. I think it added a nice layer of flavor on the cream and brownies.

When we were close to wrapping everything up, one of the waitresses came to me and asked if anyone's informed me about the cakes. I was like "??" Apparently they had made some cakes in the back and decided to put them out since other people were requesting cakes as well. YAY! I was super stuffed but I decided to get a slice to go!

They all looked really good but the Mystery Cake of the Day (Gluten-free Cinnamon chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting and chocolate sauce) $5~ looked DIVINE! The cakes didn't have time to set so the chocolate sauce on top was just oozing all looked sooo delicious! The cake was really good. The texture was a little spongey...almost like a marshmallow. I guess that's because of the gluten free batter? I liked the texture. The whipped frosting was awesome and that chocolate sauce on top? O.M.G. Pure heavenly goodness!!! It was an amazing cake. I totally want to have it again. RIGHT NOW!! haha. Their cake selections change, so I hope I'll see this again some time in the future.

Another great dinner at Company Cafe. I wonder how soon I'll be back there again! haha. It IS a little more expensive for me to go this frequently though... Unless I cut back elsewhere so I can go here! haha. And I do want to try their brunch and lunch too because they have different items on there than the dinner menu.

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