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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whiskey Cake

I finally got to go to Whiskey Cake in Plano about a week ago. We went to check it out after a movie since it is one of the few places that opens past 1am in Plano. I've been hearing great things about this place and it's finally time I get to try it out!

Whiskey Cake
3601 Dallas Pkwy.
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 993-2253

Price: $$

First thing I noticed was the decor. I really liked the outside of the restaurant with the spacious and extra large front door. Inside was dimly lit and quite big. The feel was kinda industrial yet barn-ish. I liked all the little details to the decor, like the light bulb with the rosemary as the "flower" on the table. The metal bolt/washer thing as the napkin rings. And the lights hanging overhead, made me kind of think of Einstein or even Dr. Frankenstein-ish. hehe.

They have farm to kitchen ingredients with everything made from scratch. I thought it was cool that they had a herb garden right inside the restaurant!

A few of my friends were already there and they ordered the following (sorry no pictures...)
BBQ Banh Mi (Wood smoked pulled pork, sweet & tangy veggies, arugula, cilantro, W.C. BBQ, crispy baguette) $10~ This thing was huge! Although it didn't really look like a banh mi (the bread was different...). I only tried a little of the pork. I didn't really care for it. It was sweet...a little tart, but missing a kick.

Hot Chicken & Cheese Melt (Roasted chicken, pesto, mayo, avocado, bacon, tomato, bibb lettuce, dill havarti, toasted sourdough) 10~ This was soooo sooo good! The chicken was nice and tender but the avocado and bacon is what made this sandwich. It had just the right amount of creamy avocado with tender chicken and crispy bacon and sourdough. MMmmm! I would totally get this in the future!

The rest of us ordered:
Veggie Stack (Grilled veggies, Dallas mozz, basil pesto, Hummuganoush spread, ciabatta) $10~
This was really good as well. Lots of flavors and textures. Although it was on wheat bread instead of ciabatta...wonder what happened there... I really doubt it was much healthier than the other options. hehe. But then again, you don't go to a place like Whiskey Cake if you are on a diet..

Prime-Cut Top Sirloin (Mesquite grilled "Picana-Cut" cap steak, fingerling potatoes, A-2 Sauce) $16~ The steak was pretty tender but the veggies were a little bit greasy. It was not bad...

My bf and I shared the Bone-In Pork Chop (Slow roasted chop, mustard seed vinaigrette, orzo spinach) 16~ It was a thick cut pork chop. Nice and tender with just the right amount of fat around the meat. YUMMY! It normally comes with a four bean salad but we substituted it for the orzo. I didn't care for the orzo so was a little bland and watery. But the pork chop more than made up for the dish. I particularly liked the mustard (those little round pieces on top of the chop) with the pork. It was deeeelicious!

Side of Hand Cut French Fries $1.50~ This was a great deal. You get a lot of fries and its super cheap. The fries were great. Soooo addicting!!

Finally, you can't go to Whiskey Cake without trying their Whiskey Cake (Toffee torte, Bookers Anglaise, spiced pecans, whipped cream) $7~ OMG!! It was soooo FANTABULOUS! I'm putting this cake in my ulitmate top 5 cakes ever! It was different than any other cakes I've had before. It looked decadent but was actually quite light. I really liked the toffee flavor, and there were toffee bits and pecans on top which added a nice crunch. The texture of the cake reminded me of a fluffier bread pudding. It was quite interesting. The anglaise added another layer of flavors. The whipped cream was freshly whipped and sweet... the perfect pairing with the cake. Nom nom nom! Hopefully I'll be back soon to have it again. I'm not sure if I even want to venture out and try their other desserts! haha.

I had certain expectations of Whiskey Cake going in and I think I was pleasantly surprised, especially by the cake. Our waitress (Brenda) was totally awesome too! I liked the atmosphere and majority of the food. It'll definitely be a place I visit more often in the future.

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