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Sunday, April 3, 2011

b.b.bop bowls

Few weeks ago, my coworkers and I went to lunch. This get together is longg overdue! We've scheduled and rescheduled this too many times. Finally, we all had time open. I suggested a couple locations and my coworkers picked b.b.bop Rice Bowls because it seemed unique.

b.b.bop Rice Bowls
5323 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206 Price: $

It's kind of a Chipotle concept but for Asian rice bowls. It's a pretty small place. You order at the counter, either build your own rice bowl (pick a type of rice, meat, veggies, and sauce) or order one of their set entrees. Other than rice bowls they also have some pre-set noodles, soups and tacos. For the most part everything is nutritious and heart healthy. They use different kinds of rice, fresh veggies, and flame-grilled meats. Everything is under $8.

I wanted to make my own bowl to try and be healthier. I like how they have a calorie counter on their website so you can see how many calories go into your bowl combination. I chose brown rice, grilled chicken, zucchini, broccoli, bell peppers, cabbage and lettuce. The regular size was under $6.25~ The sauces are available on a side table so you can try whatever combination you want. I tried the Bangkok Curry (Thai yellow coconut curry sauce), Seoul on Fire (traditional korean spicy red pepper sauce) and Chiang Mai Chili (thai sweet chili lime sauce), the last one is my fav... Sriracha!! hehe. The only one I liked was the Seoul on Fire, but it was too watery. I ended up just sticking with good old Sriracha! :P When I made my bowl, they asked me if I wanted it fresh or stir-fried. They recommended stir-fried so I said ok. I'll try the fresh next time. I really liked it. There were lots of veggies over the rice and the flavor was pretty good. The veggies weren't overcooked so they still had a nice crunch to them and I liked the fresh raw lettuce on top. I guess the only complaint is that I wanted a bit more chicken in it. But overall, it was great. Plus the regular size was more than enough. I actually had leftover for another meal!

Spicy Pork Bowl (egg, mushrooms, corn, pickled carrots and cabbage over rice) Reg. under $7~ J got this. It was a pre-made combo on their menu. It was pretty good. The pork was nice and the sweet/tang from the pickled carrots and cabbage added a nice contrasting flavor. I still liked my combo better but I think I'm biased. hehe. :P

K got the Asian Tacos (3 tacos; Seasoned pulled pork, sweet relish, cilantro, fresh bean sprouts, and spicy asian mayo on corn tortillas) $6.95~ And Tom Yum Soup (Thai coconut soup with chicken, lemongrass, cilantro, mushrooms and peas) $1.75~ I think usually you get 3 tacos, but she traded one taco for the soup because I don't think she paid extra for the soup. The soup was pretty good! Very flavorful and coconut-y. I'm usually not a fan of Tom Yum Soups but I liked this one. I just wish it was a little creamier. I didn't get to try the whole taco, just the pork. It was different than the Spicy Pork from the bowl above. I liked this pork more. It was super tender!

J also got the Green Tea Mint Lemonade $1.25~ for regular size. The was the bomb!! Soooo good. It was light and super refreshing. The mint was just enough and the lemonade added just the right hint of sweetness. I could drink a jug of this!!

Overall, I was impressed with this place. The counter service is pretty friendly... the food comes out pretty fast. The food is fresh and tasty. They need to work on their sauces a bit more but I don't think you really need them anyways. The quantity for the price is very reasonable. I will definitely be going back!

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