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Monday, April 25, 2011

Korea Eating Fest - Part III: Seoul Again

1. Dongdaemun Area
Lunch: Some Department Store Food Court
- Ja Jeon Mein (Black Bean Noodles)
- Bibimbop
- Prefere Ice Cream (Vanilla Choco) 2,500Won
Snacking: Street Food
- Egg Cakes filled with Red Bean 1,000Won (for 3)
- Fishy Shaped Cakes filled with Red Bean 1,000Won (for 4)
2. Daehakno (University Street) by Heyhwa Station
Snacking: New York Hotdog
- Bul-gogi Hotdog
- Iced Green Tea Latte
3. Namdaemun/Myeong-dong Area
Dinner: Korean BBQ (Extremely expensive meal... :( It was about USSD$100 for the 2 orders of beef...Yikes!)
- Side Veggies and Sauces
- Salad
- Cold Soup
- BEEF!!
Dinner: Street Food in the Tents
- Dopoki (Spicy Rice Cakes with Fish Cakes) 13,000Won
- Ramen 4,000Won
- Bean Sprout Soup - Free
Lunch: Lotte Department Store Food Court
- Fried Stuffed Pork Cutlet (with Fried Rice and Salad) 9,900Won
- Mocha Bun 2,000Won
- Thin Rolled Layer Cake 6,000Won
Dinner: Street Food in the Tents (the ingredients are laid out in the tent and you picks and choose what you want them to cook)
- Squid (with Spicy Sauce)
- Grilled Pork (with Lettuce Wraps)
Snacking: Street Food
- Super Tall Soft Serve 1,500Won
- Giant Cream Puff 1,500Won
4. Tteok (Rice Cake) Museum - by Jongno 3 Station
Snack: Tteok Cafe (@ the museum)
- Sweet Pumpkin Latte Set 7,500Won
- Chocolate Rice Cake 2,900Won
(The rice cakes were meh... The Pumpkin Latte was awesome...IF you like pumpkin! hehe)
5. Insa-dong Area
Snacking: Street Food
- Donut 1,000Won
- Japjae "Pocket"
- Sweet Potato & Pumpkin "Pocket"
Dinner: Sinpo Woori Mandoo (Dumplings)
- Kimchi Mandoo (Pork, vegetables and kimchi dumpling) 3,500Won
- Mandoo Gook (Soup with Pork Dumpling) 4,500Won
6. Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) Area - Gangnam Station
Lunch: Kyochan Chicken (to-go) - Sooo incredibly delicious! I guess it was worth the 45 min walking and searching...haha
- Original Fried Chicken (whole) 14,000Won
7. Narita Airport
- Ramen with Roast Pork 930Yen
8. From Narita to DFW - AA Business Class!!
- Sushi, Roll, Salad (with Creamy Asian Dressing)
- Madeira Chicken with Green Linguini
- Beef Fillet with Dijon Sauce
- Vanilla Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce and Crumble Topping
- Salad
- Mozzarella Cheese Pizza
- Bread Pudding with Milk Chocolate Sauce

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