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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Korea Eating Fest - Part I: Seoul

Get ready for a butt load of food pictures!!! This will be a 3 part post of my Korea Trip at the end of March. Enjoy~~

**Some prices are included (in Korean Won). At our time of travel the conversion rate was $1 USD to 1,100Won**

1. From DFW to Narita to Incheon
AA Business Class from DFW to Narita (baller!!):
- Salad, Teriyaki Chicken Appetizer, Cheese Bread
- Orange Chipotle Shrimp
- Char Siu Pork Bowl
- Dessert: Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream with Cocoa Dusted Almonds
Mid-Flight Snack
- Pesto Chicken & Provolone Wrap with Brownie and Fresh Fruit
- Uno's Pizza (spinach and garlic) with Salad
- Sesame Chicken with Asian Salad
- Citrus Carrot Cake

Narita Airport (JAL Lounge):
- Beef Curry (best beef curry ever!!) and it's FREE!!
- Cold Udon

Japan Airlines - Narita (Japan) to Incheon (South Korea):
- Japan "Chirashi-Sushi" Style Rice Bowl (Minced Chicken Ball on Skewer, Simmered Dried White Radish Thread, Rolled Sea Tangle, Flower Shaped Fish Cake, Sweet Potato Cake) It looked really cute, but was quite nasty.. hahaha.

. Incheon, South Korea
Breakfast: Olive Cook Cafe
- Choco Muffin
- Cafe Latte
- Ramen
- Omlette Fried Rice
Snack: Goodovening Cupcake in Incheon Airport Transportation Center
- Chocolate Matcha Cupcake & Chocolate Mint Cupcake (they looked sooo great and cute....but were dry and bleh...)

3. Namdaemun/Myeong-dong Area in Seoul
- Meat Rice Ball 1,500Won (This was the best thing I had the entire trip!! Rice balls with meat and jalapeno and these wonderful crispy pieces inside and covered with seaweed. YUMMM!!)

- Mixed Noodles with Vegetables 3,500Won
- Dumplings 3,500Won
Dinner: Izakaya
- Seafood Noodle Soup Bowl (lots of seafood and bean sprouts with udon noodles in soup) YUM!
- Chicken Skewers
- Chicken Wings
- Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)
Breakfast: Paris Baguette Cafe
- Chicken Curry Croquette 1,300Won
- Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread 1,500Won
- Puff Pastry Hot Dog
- Black Sesame Doughnut 900Won
- Garlic Thick Toast
Breakfast: Caffe Bene
- Waffles topped with Yogurt, Blueberries and Strawberries
Breakfast: Dunkin Donuts
- Banana Donut and Broccoli Donut (Broccoli?!?! We saw it and HAD to try it. It's green on the inside!! A hint of savory...kinda dry...bleh...) Snacking: Namdaemun Market Street Food
- Hotteok (Glutinous Rice Dough filled with a mixture of sugar, ground peanuts and cinnamon powder then pressed flat on a hot griddle) 1,000Won
Shinsegae Department Store Food Court
- MochiCream (cream filled specialty mochi) - pretty, and kind of expensive...
- Black Uncle Cheesecake
- Steamed Bun from Shanghai Deli (spicy pork and veggies inside)
Snacking: Myeong-dong Street Food
- Sausage and Rice Cakes on a Stick 3,000Won
Dinner: Nolita Cafe & Pasta
- Arrabbiata (Spaghetti in Spicy Tomato Sauce) 10,000Won
- Spaghetti Pescatore (Seafood Pasta in Tomato Sauce in a Bread Bowl) 15,000Won

4. Noryangjin Fish Market
Lunch: Multicourse Seafood Meal for 2 People 70,000Won
- All the sides and appetizers

- Cheese Corn on Skillet
- Tempura
- Flounder Sashimi
- Assorted Seafood Plate
- Fish Hot Pot

5. Itaewon Tourist Zone
Dinner: Crow's Nest - The Pizza Pub

- Italian Pizza (Pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and bell peppers with a cream sauce) 23,900Won (Large 20") - Amazing pizza. The 3 of us killed it!! YUM!

6. COEX Mall
Lunch: Food Court
- Bibimbop with Beef and Squid ~8,000Won (The bibimbops in Dallas are better...)

- Seafood Fried Rice
- Omlette Fried Rice with Sweet Potato stuffed Pork Cutlet ~10,000Won
COEX Supermarket/Food Court #2
- Banana Cream Pie from Peggy Pie
- Mocha Cream Waffle from Waffler

7. Apgujeong Rodeo Street
Dinner: Oppaduk (Oven Baked Chicken)

- Roasted Chicken with Onion 18,900Won (Large)
- Hot Crispy Baked Chicken 15,900Won (Whole Chicken)
- Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Cheese Gratin 8,000Won (the 2nd best thing I ever ate on the trip!)

8. Seoul Train Station (Waiting for KTX to go to Busan)
Lunch: Brunch Box
- Bibimbop Box Set (Bibimbop, Soup, Spicy Sauce, Water) 5,000Won


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