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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Double Birthdays @ Blue Plate Kitchen :)

2 weeks ago my bf and I celebrated our birthdays at Blue Plate Kitchen. We had a huge party of 22 people and I knew I could count on Blue Plate to accommodate and provide a great time for all my friends. :)

Blue Plate Kitchen
6130 Luther Lane
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 890-1103
Price: $$$

I had to contact the Director of Marketing to make the reservation since the party was so big. She was super nice and really took care of the reservation with no issues. I was a little worried since I called less than a week in advance, but they had no issues getting us in at the time I wanted. Also, about 30 minutes after I made the reservation, I received an unexpected personal phone call from the Manager, Dennis, because he noticed we had made a reservation. He was so friendly and assured me that we will definitely be taken care of. I'm still a huge fan of the customer service here...they still continue to impress me time and time again!

Saturday finally rolled around. As soon as I walked through the door, I was warmly greeted by the manager. Most of my friends had already arrived and were just mingling by the table and the bar. They didn't rush us to seat or anything like that. We were assigned 2 waiters for our party. I spoke to the main guy before the dinner just to make sure we are making things easier for him, like not changing our seats, etc.. and how to do the separate checks. He gave us some time to continue to visit with each other while getting drink orders. I thought the flow of the dinner went pretty well considering the large amount of people.

Now to the food!

One of my friends started off with the Baked Potato Soup $7~ They offer 2 different soups each night. This was different than most other baked potato soups I've seen before. Everything was pureed. Usually you would see chunks of potato and bacon in the soup. The flavor was slightly sweet and the texture was nice. But I'm not sure if I like baked potato soup this way. I think the original chunky style is better.

For the entree I ordered the Blue Plate Special: Grilled Pork Tenderloin (with Bourbon Creamed Corn and Peach BBQ Sauce) $24~ This was delicious! The pork was cooked perfectly, so tender and juicy. It was simply seasoned so you can still get the flavor of the meat. The creamed corn was awesome. It's hard to get a corn I don't like. hehe. The peach BBQ sauce was a tad sweet, but I thought it paired well with the pork. The crispy strips on top added a nice crunch against the creamy corn. YUM!

My bf ordered the Wood Grilled Scottish Salmon (Grilled Asparagus, Lemon Potato "Smash") $25~ He was looking for something healthier so I suggested the's one of their 'heart healthy' options. It was also cooked perfectly. Slightly pink in the center, sooo tender. It was light but still flavorful and the veggies were also cooked nicely.

My sister got the Beer Battered Shrimp and Heirloom Grits (Pico de Gallo Butter Sauce) $23~ The presentation of this dish was really nice. The shrimp were jumbo and fried nicely. It was a great twist on the classic shrimp and grits. The grits were creamy and yummy. I would say this is probably one of the best shrimp and grits I've had in Dallas. Hattie's got nothing on Blue Plate!!

A few of my friends ordered the Gramma Minnie's Country Fried Chicken (Chunky Redskin Potatoes, Black Pepper-Maple Gravy) $19~ I highly recommended it to them and they were not disappointed. I think this is one of my favorite dishes on their menu. The portion is quite large, so if you are hungry, definitely go for this. The chicken is fried with perfection. The batter is super flavorful and crispy and the chicken is beyond moist! Even the white meat!! I usually try not to order this dish myself because I try to eat healthier...but if I did...I can probably inhale the whole thing!! Droooool.....

Another friend ordered the Burgundy Braised Beef Pot Roast (Roasted Root Vegetables, Red Wine Pan Sauce) $22~ I haven't had this before either. I only got a bite of the pot roast. It was really tender and the flavor was nice. I think he enjoyed it a lot.

One friend got the If You're One of "Them", Give Us Your Wish $18~ I never really knew what this was and I got to find out this time! Basically you can choose 3 items from the Sides and served as your entree. She chose (from right to left) Applewood Bacon Braised Brussel Sprouts, Brazos Valley Cheddar Mac 'n' Cheese, Baked Sweet Potato with Maple Butter. She particularly liked the brussel sprouts. I got to try it. It was delicious. The brussel sprouts still had a nice crunch to it but were infused with the flavor of bacon. YUMMM! She said the other 2 were good but pretty generic.

Some other friends ordered... (some have pics some don't...)

Windy Bar Ranch Texas Chicken Fried Steak (Creamy Whipped Potatoes, Maple Gravy) $18~ No picture :( But I got a bite of it. Flavor was good, but there was too much batter on the outside...

Skillet Seared Sea Scallops (Butternut Squash Risotto, Pomegranate Reduction) $28~ This LOOKED amazing! I didn't get to try it and I've never ordered it in the past. My friend cleaned her plate! I'm confident to say it was tasty!

Ancho Barbequed Pulled Pork (Cabrales Blue Cheese-Roasted Corn Grits) $17~ I've tried this and blogged about it in the past. My friend really liked it, especially with the blue cheese addition.

Full Rack of Jasper's Ribs (Ancho Barbeque, Baked Potato Salad) $26~ This plate was MASSIVE when it came out. It was like a tower of ribs! The ribs were really tender and great flavor. The potatoes were not what I expected after reading the description. I would say its more like home fries topped with gorgonzola (I think). It was good as well. I think gorgonzola on potatoes make a great combo.

Everyone was stuffed after dinner so most opted for no dessert. The waiter brought out a MawMaw's Buttermilk Pie (Served with Rathbun's Seasonal Jam) $7~ on the house, with a candle, for the 2 of us. Everyone sang... yikes...haha. And we passed the pie around for everyone to sample. YUM! This is one of my top 2 desserts at Blue Plate. I just wish it was a little bigger!!

Once again, a great time at Blue Plate Kitchen. Great food, great friends makes a WONDERFUL birthday!! :) Thanks to Dennis and the Blue Plate team. I'm sure you will see us again in the near future!! :D

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