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Monday, April 25, 2011

Korea Eating Fest - PartII: Busan

1. Busan Shinsegae (Largest Department Store in the World)
Dinner: Food Court
- Seafood Noodles 8,500Won
- Chocolate Waffle Sandwich from The Pan

2. Nampo-dong Area
Lunch: Sushi & Roll Buffet 9,900Won All-U-Can-Eat
- Sushi
- Spicy Udon Noodles
- Salad Bar
Snacking: PIFF Square Street Food
- Waffle Sandwich 1,000Won (out of the different waffle sandwiches, this was the best. Freshly made!)
- Hotteok (Glutinous Rice Dough filled with a mixture of sugar, Sunflower Seeds and cinnamon powder then pressed flat on a hot griddle) 900Won
- Fresh Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie 2,000Won
Dinner: Sapporo Ramen
- Ton Ko Chu Si O Ramen (Salt base with pork, mushrooms, green onions, sprouts and noodles) 7,000Won - The Salt Ramen I had in Los Angeles was wayyy better!!
- Mini Pork Dup Bop (Strips of seasoned pork on steamed rice topped with green onions and sesame seeds) 3,800Won - DELICIOUS!
3. Haeundae Market Area
Lunch: Sushi
- Sushi Set (Shrimp, Octopus, Squid, Eel, Salmon, Snapper, Fish Eggs) 9,000Won
- Cold Soba & Pork Cutlet Set 7,000Won
Snack: Convenience Store
- Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream Sandwich (with red bean filling and vanilla ice cream) YUMMY!
Snack: Street Food
- Pajeon (Seafood/Green Onion Pancake) 5,000Won


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