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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Cakepad

A friend of mine recently started his own cake business!! :) And he gave me some samples!! YAYYY!

The Cakepad
(214) 450-6226
Price: $$$

Right now it's only available for pick up. He might start delivering in the near future. He offers 3 flavors so far on the website but is working on 2 other flavors which I also got to sample. He doesn't skimp on quality ingredients so you should all know you are getting a good quality homemade cake! :)

I can't believe how much cake he gave me to sample! I love me some free samples. hehe. :P I had to take it to a party so other people can help me eat it!

**I'm not sure how big each cake is since I got samples, but I'm estimating it's at least 9-10 inches in diameter, and all double layered.**

Classic Red Velvet Cake (with cream cheese icing) $30~ This is a 2 layer red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and frosting. The red is so rich and vibrant! It's really pretty to look at especially with the contrasting whiteness of the frosting. The cake flavor is your typical red velvet cake but the frosting was very cream cheesy. Now, I actually liked that it wasn't too sweet and the cream cheese flavor sort of brought a savory element into it all. Some people did not like that though. I guess because it's not really your typical cream cheese frosting. The cake was good... fluffy...I felt it could be a little more moist. I'm super picky about cake moistness though. Everyone else enjoyed it.

Triple Chocolate Cake (with a chocolate ganache filling, topped with chocolate mousse) $30~ OMG! This looked sooo good. But I was a little torn on this. I LOVEEEEED the ganache and mousse topping. I can eat buckets of the mousse! The only thing was the cake was too flaky and didn't hold up to the mousse and ganache. It was difficult to cut through the cake without it falling apart. I think maybe if the ganache layer was slightly thinner or maybe put a layer of the mousse in the middle as well would help gel it together more. However, the flavor of the entire cake was fantastic. Super chocolatey, but it wasn't super sweet. If you love chocolate this is definitely for you!

Green Tea Coconut Cake (with green tea whipped cream frosting and flaked coconut) $30~ This was the one I was really eager to try...except the coconut. I absolutely cannot stand eating coconut's all because of the texture. I can't stand it at all. :( I mean I love coconut milk in curry and desserts and stuff...just not the flakes. But despite that, I really wanted to try the green tea. He told me that the green tea powder he uses is high quality, straight from Japan. It's a little stronger so you can actually taste the green tea flavor in the cake. So I tried it first with the coconut flakes. I can't do it...just can't... ended up scraping most of the flakes off the frosting. But without it, I really liked it. You can definitely taste the green tea, but it wasn't so strong that it becomes bitter. The green tea frosting was my favorite part. I wish there was a little bit thicker layer of frosting in the middle though, cuz it's sooo yummy! A lot of my other friends that tried it really liked it. Most of them like coconut so they enjoyed the cake as a whole.

Classic Carrot Cake (with walnuts, pecans, carrots, and cream cheese icing). This one isn't available for purchase just yet. I normally don't like carrot cakes because I really dislike carrots. I know, I can't really taste them, but it's more of a memory it brings back more than anything. But I've been trying to be more open minded and I can actually tolerate carrots in certain things now...sort of...haha. To my surprise, I really enjoyed the cake! There's just the right amount of walnuts inside the cake and pecans outside the cake for texture. The cake is light and fluffy and the cream cheese is the same as the red velvet. Not slapped on too thick and not too sweet. I would definitely eat this again.

Pineapple Banana Custard Cake (yellow cake with custard, pineapple, banana filling; topped with toasted coconut flakes). This one is also not available for purchase yet. This was surprisingly my favorite out of the bunch (since I'm such a chocoholic). :P The cake was SUPER moist, I think partially because of the custard, which was creamy and smooth. You can see the slices of fresh bananas in the cake but it was a nice surprise when I got a bite of cake/custard with actual pineapple chunks in it. YUM! The bits of pineapple added texture to the soft cake and custard. I still didn't like the toasted coconut on top, but I was able to scrape it off. The flavors were light and bright and all complimented each other very well. You get a hint of banana and bits of pineapple in every bite. What a great combination! :)

I hope he experiments more on other flavors of cakes. I definitely have some ideas and suggestions! hehe.

Right now you can find his cakes on the menus at Thai-rrific on Forest and Webb Chapel in Dallas. You can also order a whole cake and pick it up there. If you are looking for a nice homemade cake with quality ingredients for your next event, definitely check out The Cakepad!!

Quality of Food:
Service (cuz my friend is awesome! :)
Cleanliness: n/a
Overall Experience:


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