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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dessert @ Cretia's

After brunch we walked around Bishop Arts District. It's such a cute little area. We ended up at Cretia's across the street from Hattie's.

500 N Bishop Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208
Price: $ (for bakery)

They had a side door with the bakery section that was open and we could see the bakery displays from where we were sitting in Hattie's. Looked like a great day to sit outside with some coffee/tea and desserts so we wanted to go check that out.

We were both pretty full so we got 1 thing to share. All the cakes/pies/cupcakes looked really yummy. But we took the waitress's recommendation on the Banana Cupcake (with banana filling) $4~ Their cupcakes were bigger than normal cupcakes. Still, I thought the price tag was on the high side. She said this was her favorite cupcake and it tasted like banana pudding. I love bananas so it wasn't hard to talk me into it. haha. At first I tried the frosting on its own and I didn't really like it. The texture was off... But eaten together with the cake it was really good. The cake was really moist and full of banana flavor. There was also this fluffy/creamy filling on the inside. Overall it was very light. It wasn't too sweet which is just what we wanted. It was a good cupcake! Not good enough to make the 40 minute drive to Oakcliff...but if I'm in that area again, I might go back. hehe.

Quality of Food:
Overall Experience:


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