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Sunday, February 13, 2011

V-Day Brunch @ Hatties

For Valentines Day weekend, my bf and I decided to go have brunch at Hattie's in Bishop Arts District in Oakcliff. There's sooo many places in that area that I want to try... Can you believe that this is the first time I've ever been that far South in Dallas??

I've heard great things about Hattie's and I've looked at their website many times so I thought it would be a good time to venture out and try it.

418 North Bishop Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 942-7400
Price: $$ (for brunch)

Bishop Arts District is a really cool/cute little area. It was nice to walk around and see all the little shops and restaurants. Parking was a bit limited, we drove around for a few minutes before finding anything.

The decor at Hattie's was bright and open. I really like this kind of setting for brunch. Clean and bright, really helps to wake you up! It actually reminded me of Patois in New Orleans (where we had awesome brunch) so I was getting really excited to finally try their food.

Right when we walked in we were warmly greeted by the host and hostess. They were super nice and we were immediate shown to our table (I did make a reservation). The place was pretty packed, it all looked very promising!

Our waiter came and he kind of had an "I don't give a F" air about him... :/ He wasn't rude, but it felt like he didn't care to be there. Anyways, we made our order after looking over the menu. And another waiter came over with a bread basket. You get a choice of either sourdough or banana bread. I don't like sourdough and I love banana bread, so that was an easy choice. It was FANTABULOUS!! The slice was thick and super moist. Sweet and you can definitely taste the bananas. I tried to eat it slowly to savor it. haha. My bf loved it as well. They should've just left the basket at our table!

While we were waiting for our food, the waiter came and tried to take our bread plates. He was picking up my bf's stuff when my bf asked if we could get more bread. He was like "oh yea...sure" and proceeds to drop his knife onto his plate. Big CLANK! and just walked away. My bf and I looked at each other and went "WTH?!?!" That was really careless and rude of him...

However, the waiter with the bread basket was super nice. I think our waiter just needs to go home or take some happy pills or something.

Then the food came. I got the Low Country Shrimp & Cheddar Grits (in Tabasco pan sauce) $16.95~ I love grits. And this is one of the dishes that EVERYONE raves about on reviews and stuff. I thought it was a little pricey but I just had to see it for myself. It was a pretty big plate, but only 5 pieces of shrimp. At least the shrimp was nice and plump. It was yummy...but in no way spectacular. First of all, 80% of the dish was grits...the ratio of grits to shrimp was wayy off. Grits are cheap and easy to make, if that's the majority of the dish, it shouldn't be $17. I think I would've been ok with $12 max. The grits were soft and creamy and paired really well with the sauce. The flavors were pretty good, but I felt like it needed a little more acid (the tabasco sauce didn't really taste of tabasco!). I got some MORE tabasco and that totally fixed the problem! haha. Tabasco makes everything better! :P Also, the dish needed some crunch and freshness. There wasn't enough contrasting textures. I wish they would've taken some super crispy bacon and sprinkled it on top or maybe a little garnish of frisee/arugula or something. All in all I enjoyed it, but definitely did not get what the hype is all about. I certainly wouldn't drive 40 minutes to Oakcliff to eat it again.

My bf decided on the Breaded Pork Cutlet & Fried Eggs (with sweet potato hash browns) $13.75~ It came with an spiced apple gravy? on the side. The pork was fried nicely, crispy crust, tender meat and topped with 2 eggs. However, the cutlet had no was very bland. Tabasco to the rescue again! haha. I really liked the sweet potato hash...there really isn't any type of preparation for sweet potato I don't like... I liked how they sauteed it with bell peppers and stuff. But since the pork and eggs were bland, the whole dish was just sweet. Sweet from the hash and also the apple gravy/sauce. Luckily tabasco added some saltiness and tangyness to it all.

**Side story: There was a large table of women dining there the same time we were. It was some sort of party or something...they had gifts and stuff. I noticed our waiter (bald man with glasses) bring out a tray of food and set it on the stand next to the table. And guess what he did next? He walked away...just left the food there.... didn't serve it to the women, didn't say anything to them, and didn't really say anything to other waiters to dish them out. So the food was just there...on the side. I was like... "uh..." After a few minutes some of the women looked over and were confused why their food was just there. Finally another waitress came and passed out the food. That was a little ridiculous. And the whole time he was bringing the food out, it just felt like he was thinking "it's not my job to pass it out, so I'm just gonna leave it here..." Damn!**

Anyways, we mostly enjoyed our meal, but it definitely fell short to my expectations. I think I will still go back to try some of their sandwiches and stuff...maybe for lunch one day. But definitely not going to go out of my way to eat there. Sigh... makes me a little sad. Plus the waiter was just not pleasant. Although all the other people seemed friendly. We opted for no dessert because we saw a bakery across the street we wanted to check out. :P

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