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Monday, February 14, 2011


It's Valentine's Day! Since my bf left for another business trip, I went to dinner with some of my awesome single friends! :P

We decided to go check out Thai-rrific because I've heard great things about it, and also my friend is currently selling his cakes (see The Cakepad ) from there. Plus it's BYOB, which is always good for my friends. haha.

3068 Forest Lane #212
Dallas, TX 75234
(972) 241-2412
Price: $$

It's a fairly small restaurant in a strip mall behind the IMAX theater on Forest and Webb Chapel. It's dimly lit with lots of Thai decor. It was busier than I had expected! Half of our party came super late, but the waitress never gave us any grief about it. If it had been more packed, I'm not so sure then...

We got a few appetizers. Egg Rolls (4 pork egg rolls with sweet sauce) $4~ They were fried nicely and the flavors were ok. But the inside was kinda mushy...I couldn't really tell what wat really in it...

Fresh Spring Rolls (2) (lettuce, carrots, green onions, noodles, and choice of protein: tofu) $3~ These were really light. I've never had spring rolls with tofu in it. I wished there was some meat for extra texture. But overall it was fine. The peanut sauce was a little runny but the
flavor was good with the spring roll.

I ordered the Pad Thai (thin rice noodles with egg and bean sprouts served with peanuts and green onion, with tofu/veggies) $9~ This is one of the staple dishes I have to try at a new Thai place. It came in a cute dish but the portions were quite a bit smaller than most other Thai restaurants. There were lots of veggies and tofu in there which I like. The noodles were a little overcooked so they were too soft. But I really liked the flavors. I got level 4 spicy (from 1-5, 5 being spiciest) and I got a little kick, but it wasn't as spicy as I expected. The tofu wasn't fried like most other restaurants either. I actually really liked it like that. The soft texture of the tofu with the crunch of the veggies. I enjoyed it a lot. I would order it again.

Other people got...

Pad Peawan (sweet & sour with white onion, zucchini, snow pea, carrot, pineapple, with beef; served with Jasmine rice) $9.50~ This looked really good. I had a small piece of beef. It was good, I think...I don't really remember. haha. My friend finished it all tho.

Pad Kee Mow (thick rice noodles with red/green bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, with chicken) $9~

Pad See Ewe (thick rice noodles with egg, broccoli, carrot, snow pea, zucchini, with chicken/beef) $9~ The Pad Kee Mow and Pad See Ewe had wider rice noodles but it wasn't as wide as most other places. They all looked pretty good. My friends all said it was good but was similar to most other Thai places.

After dinner, we all got a complimentary Red Velvet Cupcakes (provided by The Cakepad) for Valentine's Day. That was a nice surprise at the end of the meal. The cupcake was very similar to his red velvet cake. The cream cheese wasn't too sweet which was good. The cake could be a little more moist though.

**Note: There's no corking fee for BYOB, but if you use their wine glasses, it's $1 charge per glass.**

The waitress was good and the food was good. But for the price, the portions were a little smaller than most other Thai restaurants. They have a killer lunch deal though, maybe I'll venture back in the future for lunch...

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