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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V-Day Desserts @ The Second Floor

After dinner we went to get some desserts and drinks. I suggested going to The Second Floor at the Westin Hotel in the Galleria. I've been there once for happy hour but didn't have time to try their desserts. I've heard their desserts are good. It's a really cool looking place. Very contemporary and comfortable.

The Second Floor (@ Westin Hotel)
13340 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75240
(972) 450-2978
Price: $ (for dessert)

Usually it's not so busy but right before we got there, a massive group of people arrived. All of a sudden the place was packed! I guess it's the place to go after dinner for some drinks! We waited about 10-15 minutes before a table opened up in their bar/lounge area.

The service has always been quite slow there, but the waitresses are really friendly. We weren't in a hurry so we didn't mind. It took a while to get our waters and some menus.

We started off with a round of shots. Our waitress suggested it. She was really cool. Chatted with us and made suggestions and everything.

For desserts, we got...
Chocolate Turtle Bomb (caramel mousse, brownie, chocolate sauce) $9~ The brownie was really moist and not too heavy like some brownies get. It was dark chocolate so it wasn't too sweet either. The mousse was really good. The texture was rich and creamy and you get a hint of the salt in the caramel that contrasted with the chocolate. It paired well together with the brownie.

Trio of Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches (red velvet pistachio, chocolate cookie with peppermint ice cream, graham cracker-peanut butter) $9~ This was really cute, but much smaller than I expected. :( The red velvet with the pistachio was a good combo. The cookie was thin and crispy. I wish it was bigger. The chocolate cookie was more soft, kind of cake-like, and was good with the peppermint. My favorite was the peanut butter one because I loved the pb ice cream. It had a layer of marshmallow in it. The waitress described it as a pb s'mores sandwich. The pb ice cream was yummy. I didn't care for the graham cracker cookie that much though.

Vanilla Brandy Pot-au-Creme (pistachio baklava, orange gastrique) $9~ I didn't have a distinct favorite dessert, but I think this was the front runner. The presentation was very nice as well. The pot-au-creme is basically a custard. It was really refreshing with the citrus in it. The baklava was fantastic. Delicate and crispy and was really good with the creamy pot-au-creme. The custard was topped with like a lemon meringue or something. The sourness from the lemon added contrasting flavors and made it even more refreshing.

I ate wayyy more dessert than I had planned to... (I'm still on a 'diet' after the holidays.. haha.) It was just so yummy!! I will definitely be going back in the future. On Fridays from 4-7PM they have Happy Hour specials of half off appetizers and Saturday Happy Hour has half off desserts. YUM! And ask for Kelly as your waitress because she was great! :)

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