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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yummy Korean Noodles!

Over the weekend, I met up with 2 of my friends for dinner in the H-Mart area in Carrollton. They recently opened a bunch of new restaurants so we decided to try one.

Dong Chun Hong (by the KTX sign)
2625 Old Denton Rd.
Carrollton, TX 75007
Price: $-$$$

We went to Dong Chun Hong which is supposed to be a Korean/Chinese Fusion restaurant. It was pretty busy and smelled really good when we walked in. We were immediately seated and they brought us menus and waters.

Then we opened the menu... OMG...the prices were insane! Most of the 'Chinese' dishes were at least $16+ a plate, with the majority over $20. And the Chinese items took up more than 70% of the menu. $17 for Orange Chicken??? I think NOT! :( We debated whether or not to just walk out...but they already gave us water so we felt bad.

We decided to stick to the first 2 pages of the menu, where the appetizers, noodles and rice are. They seem to be more reasonable (under $12).

The waiter's English was very limited, but he was really nice and tried his best to communicate with us. Although throughout the meal, we didn't get our water glasses refilled... :/

We got the following and shared...

#3. Pot-Stickers $7~ These were interesting. Usually potstickers are pan-fried. These were definitely DEEP fried. haha. And they were HUGE! The filling was a mixture of meat (I think pork) and veggies. I actually liked it. It was like a giant eggroll almost. The outside was crunchy and the filling inside had pretty good flavor.

#13. Half & Half Noodles (Cha-Chan Mein & Jaam Pong) $7.99~ Cha-Chan Mein (bottom of picture) (done Korean style) is noodles with a black bean sauce. When I first had this noodle YEARS ago...I hated it. I was expecting Chinese style Ja Jian Mein which I love. Instead I got this weird black sauce that tasted like squid or something... Ick. So I was hesitant to get it again, but my friends wanted to try it. It was actually not bad. Definitely did not taste like squid like I remembered. There were chunks of potato in the black sauce and it was slightly sweet. The noodles were AWESOME. Great texture and cooked perfectly! We were all pleasantly surprised. Jaam Pong (top of picture) is a Spicy seafood noodle soup. I love Jaam Pong (its equivalent to the Chinese Tso Ma Mein). Well...anything spicy I love. haha. Again, the noodles were fantastic. Cooked perfectly and the broth was spicy and full of veggies and seafood. It was a little too spicy for my friends but I thought it was perfect. Just amount of heat without killing your tastebuds. I would definitely recommend the noodles here.

#26. Japchae Rice (pan-fried beef, potato noodle w/ soy sauce) $8.99~ This sounded interesting so we decided to try it. I love Japchae.... but with fried rice?? I've never heard of that combination. It's basically fried rice on the bottom and a pile of Japchae on top. haha. Both aspects were good, and they were good together. Again, the texture of the noodles were great. I wish there was a little more beef in the dish though.

With the fried rice, they gave us a side of soup. They also gave us a complimentary bowl of another soup to try. One was the same soup as the Jaam Pong noodles. The other one (no picture..sorry) was the soup to their Szechwan Noodles (hot and spicy soup w/ oyster). This was spicier than the Jaam Pong. My friends couldn't handle it. haha. But I really liked it. Next time maybe I try it with the noodles. :)

We were also given some kimchi and pickled radishes for the table. Kimchi was pretty good. The radishes are good for relieving the spiciness of some of the dishes. hehe.

Despite the shock from the rest of the menu, I think we had a great dinner. The prices for the noodles and rice were reasonable and they were all delicious. I'm really picky on textures of noodles. A lot of places tend to overcook and serve mushy noodles, especially when it's in soup, but this place was perfect. I wonder if they make their own noodles... Needless to say, I will definitely be back in the future to try some of their other noodle dishes. Just stay away from their Chinese dishes...I think they're wayyy overpriced!

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  1. I like spicy foods. Maybe that's why I fancy Korean Cuisine. A lot of their foods recipe have one or two spicy ingredients in it like gochujang and gochugaru. I wonder if they offer takeout? I want to have one for our Korean Night.