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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ketchup Burger Bar

Saturday night a group of us went to check out Ketchup Burger Bar. It's a pretty new burger joint that just opened in Uptown, by the same people that opened Farnatchi. Initially I suggested Elevation Burger, which is also on my list of places to try, but was persuaded to go here instead. hehe.

Ketchup Burger Bar
3028 N Hall, Ste 179
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 922-8222
Price: $

Ketchup Bar offers a variety of specialty ketchups made in-house. Green Tomato, Spiced, Chipotle, House, etc... They also use local organic ingredients. They also have a full bar.

It's a pretty small place...a few tables in the front area with the bar and a small dining area in the back. You order at the counter and they bring the food out to you. If you want water/sodas, there's a self-serve area towards the back of the restaurant along with all the different types of condiments and silverware.

They offer a wide variety of fries. So we started off with 2 of the Fry Trio...which is a great deal!

Fry Trio (from left to right: Spicy Buffalo Fries, Onion Rings, Zucchini Fries) $6~ The zucchini fries were the ones I really wanted to try. They were sooo good! They were all hot and freshly fried. The zucchini inside was super tender and paired well with the crispy batter. The onion rings were good but kind of generic, I would've liked the rings to be thicker. The buffalo fries had a nice spicy kick to it, but were a little soggy from the sauce.

Fry Trio (from left to right: Sweet Potato Fries, Garlic Chive Fries, White Truffle Parmesan Fries) $6~ All of these were good. I loved the sweet potato fries. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and nice and sweet. :) I also liked the cut of the garlic and truffle fries...slightly thicker and fried perfectly. The Garlic Chive one kind of got lost among the other fries. I didn't taste much of the seasoning. The truffle fries were flavored with truffle oil, not actual truffles, but you still get the flavor. I liked these a lot too. If you can't decide from all the yummy options, definitely get the Fry Trio!

We tried out all the different ketchups with the fries. The chipotle is pretty standard chipotle flavors. The spiced tasted like normal ketchup.. My favorite were the Green Tomato and House. The House had a bit of sweet and tang in it, almost like they mixed some dijon mustard in there? Dunno...but it was yummy. The Green Tomato was just different, and I liked that a lot! One of my friends said to me, " how can I ever go back to Heinz ketchup now?" hahaha. Agreed! :P

I got the The Blue Burger (Gorgonzola, pickled red onion, arugula, tomatoes, and our Mission Fig Spread on fresh baked Brioche) $9~ I liked it a lot! Dieting on the weekdays has me deprived of meat and this burger definitely hit the spot! haha. The fig spread was definitely interesting. It wasn't too sweet when I tasted it on its own, but paired with the rest of the burger, the sweetness came out more. I love the sweet/savory combo so this was great! The figs were sweet and fruity and the beef was juicy. The fresh arugula and tomatoes balanced out the meat and cheese. The brioche was amazing as well and really held up against the filling...didn't get super soggy. :) It wasn't really greasy I didn't feel heavy at all eating it. The only think is I couldn't really taste the gorgonzola. I got a bit of creaminess of the cheese but was lacking the flavor. But overall, it was definitely what I wanted.

Other people ordered...

My bf got this. Wild Mushroom Burger (Sauteed mushrooms, aged swiss, arugula, tomato, roasted garlic aioli on fresh baked Kaiser) $9~ He loves the classic mushroom and swiss burgers so of course he had to get it. He liked it a lot. I got to try a bite. There were lots of mushrooms in there which is good.

Ketchup Burger (Tillamook Cheddar, red onions, lettuce, tomato, mustard and our signature House Ketchup on fresh backed Brioche) $8~ This looked really good. My friend said it tasted great and the bread was awesome.

The Roadhouse (Gruyere, Cherrywood smoked bacon, onion rings, garlic mayo and tomato on fresh baked Brioche) $9~ I almost got this.. I would've liked to have some greens on it though. But my friend said it was also really good.

They also offer several different kinds of milk shakes. One of my friends got the Creme Brulee Shake $5~ This was highly recommended by the guy at the register. It looked really good with the roasted marshmallow on top. It tasted good too. Rich and creamy just like a creme brulee. If only it could have the torched sugar on top!

Vanilla Bean Shake $5~ This was their other recommended shake. My sister got it. I liked the vanilla wafers garnished on top. It was a little melted/runny though. Her bf said he saw them leave it at the bar for a long time before they brought it out to her. That kind of sucked. But it tasted like a regular vanilla shake...nothing too special about it....

I was pretty full but I wanted to try their desserts. They were all $4...that's pretty cheap! I got the Mississippi Mud Pie $4~ When it came out, I was a little surprised. It was basically a chocolate ice cream pie. My expectations of a Mississippi Mud Pie is more like gooey, messy, maybe some mousse...kind of a like a 'dirt cup'...the ones with the gummy worms in it. The chocolate ice cream was good and the chocolate cookie crust was good, but it was just an ordinary ice cream pie... It looks like there's layers of something in it, but I couldn't taste the differences between the layers. It was a slight disappointment. :( Next time I'll try something different.

I'm really glad we went there, it was just what I needed and everything was delicious. The service is pretty non-existent aside from them bringing the food to you. Since we were newbies we didn't know we had to get everything else ourselves in the back. The waiters weren't too friendly when they told us to get it ourselves either... But the guy taking our orders at the register was really nice. I would definitely go back. It definitely gives Village Burger Bar (my favorite burger place in Dallas) a run for it's money. They should open a second location in Plano!!

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