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Sunday, March 13, 2011


We went to go check out a new Japanese place last weekend. I've heard that they only use the freshest ingredients and is really good. I got a 10% off coupon in the mail so it was a good opportunity to go check it out! (I apologize for the picture quality...forgot my camera...had to use my phone.)

4152 W Spring Creek Pkwy #176
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 964-7874
Price: $$

Walking in, the decor was quite nice. Simple but also incorporated a lot of Asian details. Everyone greeted you as you walked in the door. The place was pretty empty but there was always at least 2 other tables filled the entire time of our dinner.

My friend ordered the Soft Shell Crab (fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce) $9.95~ to start. It was highly recommended by the waiter. The crabs were larger than I expected. Usually soft shell crabs are pretty small. They were fried nicely, although I think the batter needed a little more seasoning. It was pretty good.

One friend ordered the Katsu Don (pan fried Tonkatsu and egg over rice) $9.95~ It comes with miso soup and side salad. This is a pretty safe dish if you are unfamiliar with Japanese food. Fried pork cutlet with egg and onions over rice. YUM. The bowl was pretty big and I liked that some of the cutlet wasn't smothered by the onion/egg mixture. I normally don't order Tonkatsu this way because the batter becomes soft under the egg mixture. But it's still pretty delicious.
He also got Vegetable Tempura (fresh vegetables fried with vegetable oil) $6.95~ I thought their tempura batter was nicely done. It wasn't heavily coated and it had a really good crunch. There were sweet potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, and potato.

Another friend ordered the Superman Burrito (Ahi tuna, juicy salmon, crabmeat and avocado wrapped with soy paper; served with spicy ponzu and spicy mayo) $12.95~ This was pretty cool. I haven't seen sushi like this before. It was actually quite a bit of food. There was lots of fish inside the rice paper and it was pretty fresh. The spicy mayo sauce was awesome. I dipped some of the veggie tempura in it. That was good! haha.

I got the Miso Black Cod Entree (charboiled miso marinated Black Cod seasoned with teriyaki sauce; comes with miso soup, salad and rice) $15.95~ I love miso cod but it's usually pretty pricey. I was glad to see that I got more than 1 piece of fish. Most places usually give you a tiny little piece and charge you a bunch for it. The fish was cooked perfectly, super tender and full of miso flavor. And the pairing of miso cod and rice is always amazing...I guess its the textural difference or something.

My bf ordered Angry John's Roll (6 different kinds of fresh fish on top of spicy tuna roll with black caviar; served with spicy mayo) $13.95~ This was really good. Lots of different kinds of fish. Everything was fresh and of course the spicy mayo was good.

The waiter was really friendly and checked on us a lot. It was a pretty good dinner. I would recommend it!

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  1. Big fan of Densetsu. We eat from there almost weekly and have never had a bad experience.