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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not so Kozy...

We had one of our quarterly get togethers this past weekend. We chose to go to Kozy Kitchen again, this time for actual food instead of just desserts.

Kozy Kitchen
4433 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 219-5044
Price: $$

This time around the place was super dark. I guess they were going for some sort of dinner mood lighting or something. But since the chairs and tables were all black, it was just dark. I think they should've put some candles on the tables to add some lighting at least. It made me feel really sleepy. haha. Plus the decor is very bare and kinda dingy actually for the price they charge for their entrees.

Most of the group showed up late so we were just hanging out waiting for them. Other than bringing us drinks, the waiter didn't really check on us very much until everyone showed up. Luckily the place was pretty empty so it was ok that everyone was late.

They didn't have that many options on the dinner menu, but it still took us a while to order.

I ordered the Wild Salmon (Pan seared with house risotto and grilled asparagus) $18~ I really liked this. The salmon was a good size and cooked perfectly. I told them I liked it more pink in the middle and it was perfect. It was simply seasoned and had a nice crust on top. The risotto was also great. I liked the consistency of it...not too heavy and creamy like most risottos. It was almost like sticky rice but not as sticky? haha. I totally cleaned my plate and didn't feel overly full after!

My bf decided on the Grass-Fed Burger Plate (Beef or buffalo with Kozy mash and market veggies) (Gluten Free bun $2 extra) $12/$14~
He opted for the buffalo with the gluten free bun just to try something new. It looked really good. The gluten free bun was interesting. I wish it would've been toasted more or something... there was no crunch to it...just kinda soft and meh. At the beginning he didn't care for the bread, but as he ate more he started liking it more. The buffalo wasn't dry at all and the cheddar cheese added good flavor. I liked the salad on the side. The mash was a little dry but not too bad. Overall it was a pretty good dish.

One friend ordered the Chips and Stuff (Fresh corn chips with black beans, salsa and bacon-bleu cheese guacamole) $8~ I got to try a little bit. The chips came in a giant bowl and there was plenty of dips. Not a bad deal. The black bean was more like a sauce than was too runny...probly my least favorite out of the bunch. The salsa was pretty good but the guacamole was pretty great. The bacon and blue cheese definitely elevated the guacamole to something better. :)

These are some dishes other people ordered. I didn't get to try them...

Buffalo Taco Plate (Three buffalo tacos on white corn tortillas topped with bacon-bleu cheese guacamole and raw cheese. Served with Kozy frijoles and salsa) $16~ My friends said the buffalo was pretty dry. It wasn't that great.

Buffalo Bolognese (Organic gluten free pasta topped with homemade buffalo bolognese and raw romano) $16~ I had thought about ordering this and I'm glad I didn't. It looked watery and kind of bland. And the actual taste confirmed it. The buffalo was way too lean and was dry. The pasta felt like "cheap dry stuff you buy at the dollar store", one of my friends said. :( Sucky...

Grass-Fed Burger Plate (Beef or buffalo with Kozy mash and market veggies) (Gluten Free bun $2 extra) $12/$14~ This was the regular (non-gluten free) bun. My friend also seemed to like his dish.

Seafood Diablo (Shrimp, scallops, bell peppers and onions sautéed in spicy marinara over homemade risotto) $22~ I was also looking at this as an option. My friend said it was good and he cleaned his plate.

Chicken Marsala (Grilled chicken breast with Kozy mash and market veggies served with Marsala wine sauce) $16~ I didn't get any feedback on this dish but my friend also cleaned his I'm assuming it was pretty good. haha.

So it seems like it's hit or miss at Kozy's. While some dishes were really great, the others tanked like no other... I wasn't really a fan of the ambiance. It was too dark and didn't have that "kozy" feeling...hahaa. Pardon the pun. :P The service was fine once the dinner officially started but they weren't that welcoming. And they didn't ask us if we wanted dessert at the end.. What's up with that? Not that I wanted dessert, but usually they should ask, right?

I would recommend the Salmon at Kozy but truthfully I think their prices are too high for the setting. Either they update their decor and service or they lower their prices, I probably won't go back any time soon.

Quality of Food:
Overall Experience:


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