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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Roy's Aloha Hour~

**Update 12.30.10**

I believe the Aloha hours are now Everyday from 5-7PM at the bar.

Roy's Hawaiian Restaurant recently starting doing happy hour..."aloha hour" so I went to check it out this past Friday. I love Roy's, their food is always delicious so everything for $5 sounds like such a spectacular deal!

Happy Hour is Monday-Friday from 5-7PM and all items on the HH menu are $5. It's available in the bar only.

It was pretty packed so it took a while for the bartenders to take our orders and to check on us from time to time.

We ordered a bunch of different stuff to sample:
(sorry I took the pics from my blackberry so the color is a little off...)

Lobster California Roll (avocado, cucumber, tobiko) This was totally NOT worth $5...first of all, there was only 4 pieces...and they were SMALL! It was pretty fresh but nothing amazing. Never going to order that again...

Tempura Crusted Ahi Roll (miso butter sauce) This was MUCH better. The rolls were bigger, had more flavor. There was a little too much rice in the roll, but I really enjoyed the way it was fried. It had a really nice crunch without being too heavy or bready. The butter sauce definitely added a nice touch to it.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps (Shiitake Mushrooms, Chili Hoisin soy sauce) I only tried some of the chicken on this one. It was pretty tasty. Lots of flavor and the chili sauce was really good. I also dipped other stuff in the sauce because I liked it so much. It was slightly sweet with a spicy kick. Yum! :)

Wagyu Beef Sliders (Chipotle Aioli, Garlic Truffle Fries) This was definitely my favorite of the night. The beef was sooo tender and full of flavor. The aioli was pretty awesome with the beef. It usually comes with sweet potato fries but they were out that night so we got normal fries. The fries were thick cut, and the truffle oil permeated through so you could really taste it. I would go back just for the sliders again.

So I can't go to Roy's without getting Roy’s Melting Hot Chocolate SoufflĂ©. Even though its not on special HH menu, I still had to have it. But this time I was a little disappointed. They let it sit out too long before serving it to us. I understand that they were swamped...but once the cake sits too long, the inside dries up...and there's no more gooey chocolatey lava to ooze out when you cut into it. :( It was still super tasty...but not the way it should've been.

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