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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blue Plate - 1, Cowboys - 0

We went to Blue Plate Kitchen again last weekend for their NFL Happy Hour to watch the game.

The bartenders were super friendly, as usual, and even helped me decide on a drink order. He recommended I try the "Big Daddy O" $5~ (hh price) but instead of rum like the menu said, he suggested vodka. It had vodka, orange juice and something else in it. It was super good! I'm really picky about alcohol because I don't like the taste of it, but this was really good. But it still had all the effects of alcohol...hehe. :P

We got the normal Brisket and Black Bean Nachos and Chili Dogs. YUMMMM! I never get tired of them!I was super stuffed but knew they had recently changed up their dessert menu again so I had to try something new. I got the Chocolate Lava Cake (chocolate white mint gelato and hot fudge) $7~ It was pretty tasty! The texture and flavor was awesome. I wished the middle was a bit more lava-y though. I think they let it set for a little too long. I did notice that they changed the dessert prices back up to $7 instead of $5...that's a bummer.

The Cowboys lost...again...Sigh~~ always, the service at Blue Plate was amazing, and the food never disappoints! I look forward to the next time I go back to Blue Plate Kitchen!! :D

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