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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chrissie's Cookies~

I came across Chrissie's Cookies' facebook page one day. I saw people were posting raving reviews about it and of course...being the dessert lover that I am...had to click to find out more. Found out that Chrissie is a student at UT Austin, but often comes back to Plano...her home (YAY)...and she bakes cookies, brownies, and more from scratch and sells them. You can either pick it up from her in person or she also does delivery. She now has a website:

Each order is around 40-50 cookies and they range from $12-15 per order. Normally when you buy cookie dough (from like High School fundraisers and stuff) they are $15+ and you have to bake them yourself! So having cookies made from scratch for you for less than that seemed like a pretty good deal to me. Plus the list of flavors she had was wayyy enticing.

I emailed her for more info and finally decided on the Andes Mint (middle) and Cocoa Cappuccino (sides) cookies. $13~ I asked if I could do half/half orders and she said yes. I LOVE Andes Mint chocolates...probably one of my favorite candies ever. The cookies were great. I could really taste the Andes Mint and the consistency of the cookie was pretty good. The Cocoa Cappuccino wasn't what I expected at all. It felt more like a brownie/cookie mix...which is definitely NOT a bad thing..hehe. There was definitely plenty of chocolate, but could've used more cappuccino flavors. And it would've been better if both cookies were bigger! haha. I felt like I could just keep popping them in my mouth because they were so bite sized! hehe.

I ordered them just before Thanksgiving Dinner, so I took them with me when I went Black Friday shopping. What a life saver....kept me from fighting hunger pains.

Thanks Chrissie!! I just might contact you for another order during the Xmas holiday. :) My only dilemma is what flavors to try next. :P I'm totally down for supporting fellow dessert lovers~~ Go and check out her website for more info!

Quality of Food:

Service: (super nice girl~)

Cleanliness: n/a

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