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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Dinner @ Blue Plate Kitchen

Some of my good friends from High School came back for the holidays to visit. YAY! We wanted to get together for dinner so naturally I thought of Blue Plate Kitchen. :) I wanted to take them to one of my favorite places in Dallas.

Starting from the call to make the reservation, I received nothing but first rate service. We were seated in one of the corner booths...the special ones! :P The manager came by and greeted us as well. My friends were pretty impressed. hehe. They are so nice, that's why I love going there!

We were given bread baskets with their assortment of delicious breads. It was quickly scarfed down and ready for a second basket...hahaha.

I ordered the Burgundy Braised Beef Rib Pot Roast (roasted root vegetables, pan sauce) $19~It was really delicious. The flavor between the beef, mashed potatoes, root veggies, and the sauce meshed together so well. The beef was pretty tender, but being braised I would've liked it to be a bit more tender. I still used a knife instead of it being fork tender. Minor complaint...I would totally order this again. It was a lot of food, after sharing some with my friends, I still took some to go.

One of my friends ordered the Ancho Barbequed Pulled Pork (Cabrales Blue Cheese-Roasted Corn Grits) $16~ The waiter gave a caution that the blue cheese is quite potent if she wasn't a blue cheese fan. But I tried it and it was really good. The blue cheese added extra creaminess but it wasn't too strong. I'm not a big fan of blue cheese, a little bit is good though. The pork had a ton of flavor with the barbeque sauce. The strips of tortilla garnish added an extra crunch. It was tasty!

My other friend got the Mustard Crusted Texas Catfish (Red Pepper Creole Tartar Sauce, side of Creole Black Eyed Peas, Andouille Sausage) $16~ I've posted about this dish before so I didn't take a picture. But it was awesome. The fish was super fluffy and tender, and the outside was nice and crispy. YUMMMMY!

We were all super stuffed so we got 1 dessert to share. We got the Apple Tart (topped with Sea Salt Caramel gelato and Round Rock Cider Honey) $7~ This was the only dessert I have not tried on the menu. It was very pretty...didn't look like a typical tart. The edges were crispy as well as the caramelized sugar on top. The apples were thinly sliced and everything tasted so good together. I would suggest this dessert if you don't want anything too heavy but still satisfy that sweet tooth. :)

My friends really enjoyed the food and service. Yayyy :) Thanks Blue Plate, once again. I shall see you again soon.

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