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Monday, January 4, 2010

Firefly's Weekend Happy Hour

14905 Midway Road # 102
Addison, TX 75001
(972) 788-9210
Price: $ (for happy hour)

I recently discovered Firefly in Addison. I never even knew it existed! Apparently they have late night happy hour on the weekends (Friday and Saturday until 2AM)! I suggested it to some friends after dinner and we decided to check it out.

The happy hour is only limited to the bar and lounge area. The bar isn't very big and they had a DJ in the corner. It was pretty packed and super loud. We almost left because it was too loud until we found a table in the lounge.

We sat around for quite a while and tried to flag down a waiter. I thought he saw me at one point but never came over. We ended up going back to the bar to order some food and drinks. They were obviously short staffed and the bartenders seemed kinda annoyed. They had drink specials: $3 Crown and Down, but according to them Baileys is top shelf (so it didn't count)?? I have no seemed off. We went ahead and ordered California Roll $3.25~ and Calamari $4.50~ and then waited some more to get our drinks.
We went back to our table and waited a long while before the food came. My friend even had to go back to the bar to check on it. The food was ok...nothing I would rush back for. I did like the fact that they fried some green onion and jalapeno slices along with the calamari. It added extra flavor, not typical with calamari. Its good snacky stuff I guess. It's still an option for late weekend munchies if you're looking for more of a deal. Just don't be expecting any sort of service there...

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