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Friday, January 22, 2010

"All Night" Happy Hour @ Dragonfly

Dragonfly @ Hotel ZaZa
2332 Leonard Street
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 550-9500
Price: $ (for happy hour)

Hotel Zaza recently started Thursdays "All Night" Happy Hour at the Dragonfly restaurant. It goes from 5PM til close with drinks and appetizer specials for $5 each. They also feature a live band from 8-10PM. You don't need to make a reservation or pay a cover charge. Also, if you dine at Dragonfly, the host/hostess at the restaurant can validate your valet ticket for you!

I went to Dragonfly 2 years ago for restaurant week and really enjoyed it. The food was pretty awesome and the decor is pretty cool. So when I found out about this, I was totally down for checking it out. I normally don't go downtown on the weeknights because it's such a long drive, but I made an exception this time. I also had night class so I wasn't able to get out of class until about 9PM. Geez! So late! haha...i'm such an old fart. :P

The happy hour is located in the lounge area. Since it's winter, they've put a tent up so it wasn't too cold. I think the lounge is usually open and there's a small pool area. It was totally packed! There were only a couple waitresses that were doing their best at getting around to everyone.

I was starving when I arrived so I immediately went for the menu. The happy hour menu selection is very small...only 4 different food items...and according to my friends that were already there...the portions aren't very big.

I ordered the Crispy Calamari Salad (Asian greens & sweet chile vinaigrette) (normally $13~).
It came in a chinese take out box and chopsticks. I thought that was too cute! And made it more convenient to eat since there really weren't any tables. I really liked this. The calamari was awesome. Not over breaded like most places, full of flavor, had a slight spiciness to it. And there was quite a bit of calamari. The salad was also really good, the dressing was sweet and complimented the salty/spicy calamari really well. I could probably eat this as a main dish.

I also got the Burger Sliders (horseradish pickle, red onion relish & smoked Gouda cheese) (normally $14~). The sliders were very good as well. The meat was cooked about medium rare, usually I like medium for burgers but med rare is fine with me as well. The meat had a lot of flavor, and was super juicy. The cheese and the pickles added more flavors to the burger and the buns had really great texture. I don't think I've been to a hh with bad sliders...its not something you can mess up easily.

Just a note about the original prices...I'm not sure if you get more when you pay the original food prices, but for $5 I thought the portions were ok. The food was fantastic once again. It wasn't too heavy or greasy so that was good. The venue was nice as well, just kinda loud since the band is playing so you can't really talk to people. But it's a cool little hotspot to check out on Thursday nights!

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