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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Twisted Root Burgers

I finally got to try Twisted Root Burgers on Sunday. I've been hearing great things about it for a while now, and now they have a new location in Richardson, it's much more convenient for me to get to. :)

Twisted Root Burger Co
730 East Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75081
(214) 570-9999

Price: $

It's a casual little place. You order at the counter and pick up your food at the counter. They give you funny names instead of numbers to pick up your order. Mine was "Cher"...haha.

I looked at the online menu before I went. They have special meats such as Buffalo, Elk, Venison, and Ostrich (per availability). I really wanted to try Ostrich...supposedly it's the healthiest red meat...even less fat than Buffalo! Unfortunately they did not have it that day.

I ordered one of the Specialty Burgers: Green Chile, Guacamole & Pepperjack Burger (substituted beef with Turkey) $7.49~
The meat is all white meat turkey. The burger was pretty tasty. The green chile had a slight kick to it which was cool. I love guacamole and it definitely made the burger better. One complaint is that all the sauces in the burger made the bottom bun super soggy...I hate it when that happens. So I didn't eat most of the bottom bun. Overall a pretty good burger, I still want to try Ostrich for next time!

We also got a Fried Ride (Hand-cut sweet potato chips, Twisted french fries, Fried Green Beans, Onion Rings, Quincy's Spicy Fried Pickles) $6.99~ to share. That's a whole lotta fried stuff I have to say. And pretty tasty too...can't go wrong with deep fried stuff. The pickles were my favorite but were quite salty, all the other stuff were pretty good too. I wished they would've had sweet potato fries instead of chips though. But if you are with a big group this is a good option for sharing. I would not attempt to eat this platter by arteries would probably clog up before I even finish half the basket!! haha.

I was all trying to be good with eating before this, but if you are on a diet, this is definitely NOT the place for you. I guess you can get the leanest meat with none of the toppings if you really wanted...but then what's the point of having a burger?? Am I right, or am I right? hehe :P

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