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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Great Lunch @ Blue Plate Kitchen! :)

My boss took me and another co-worker to Blue Plate Kitchen for our holiday lunch today! YAY! :)

As usual, we get a warm welcome when we enter the restaurant. We were promptly seated and quickly ordered the Wood Roasted Cheesy Bread $8~ YUM! The bread was just as delicious as always. A great way to start off the lunch~

I ordered Rathbun's TLBT, Rotisserie Turkey Sandwich (with Applewood Bacon, Country Bread, Apricot-Basil mayo) with side of Jicama-Apple Slaw $11~ I wanted something light but still filling. The sandwich was huge. The turkey was thinly sliced, good quality white meat. The bread had a nice crisp to it. The mayo gave it just enough flavor without being too heavy. It was quite light, which was what I wanted. I was happy with my order. I only ate half the sandwich because I wanted dessert. I'll have a good lunch tomorrow with the leftovers. :P The slaw was very fresh, and the jicama and apples had great crunch. I did feel it was a little too sour for me though. But I still finished all of it. haha.

My boss got the Buffalo Grilled Chicken Sandwich $11~, which I reviewed the last time I went there for lunch.

My coworker ordered the Grilled Steak Sandwich (with Caramelized Onions, Roasted Bell Peppers) with side of Hand-Cut Fries $12~ I got to have a taste. The steak was cooked very well, very tender with good flavor. The bread paired very well with the meat and the cheese was super creamy.

Can't be a holiday lunch without desserts! hehe. We got MawMaw's Buttermilk Pie, Mazelle's Vanilla Cheesecake, and Chocolate Lava Cake. $7 each~ Deeeee-licious...I have nothing more to say. haha....except that the chocolate lava cake was cooked perfectly...unlike the first time I tried it which was a little dry. With the chocolate mint gelato....OMG...perfection!

Also, as we were leaving, my boss pointed out that Chef Kent Rathbun was sitting in a booth not too far away... I was shy at first but they encouraged me to go talk to him. I introduced myself to Chef Rathbun and told him that I was a HUGE fan of all his restaurants. He was SUPER nice and introduced me to his family who were dining with him. I was so was like meeting a celebrity for me. haha. It totally made my day! :)

Thanks Chef Rathbun and Blue Plate Kitchen! I'm sure I will see you again soon~

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