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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Late Nite Sushi @ Fin Sushi & Sake Bar

I got an email about a new sushi restaurant opening about a month ago. Fin Sushi & Sake Bar, located on Windhaven and Tollway in Plano. It said that they had reverse happy hour...I was intrigued. Also because I know there's really nothing in that intersection... where was this place hiding??

Fin Sushi & Sake Bar
6149 Windhaven Parkway #140
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 473-9329

Price: $-$$

Got a chance to go one night...we got there around 11:30pm...thinking that they closed at midnight but was surprised to find out that they open til 2am on the weekends. YAY! :) I'm glad more and more places are staying open later in Plano now.

So this place is tucked away in the shopping center on the Northwest corner of Windhaven and Tollway. Just look for the green fish logo/sign. Inside the decor was quite interesting. Certain elements reminded us of places in Asia or New York.

We come to find out that they did not have food specials, but did offer $1 hot sake...and supposedly it was pretty good sake too.

Everyone ordered something different...I got to sample quite a bit. :P

First we have the Tempura Stuffed Mushroom with Crabmeat $6.50~

I really liked this dish. I love mushrooms and anything fried is always tasty in my books. hehe. The creaminess from the crab complimented the fried tempura batter very well, and the sweet sauce on top added more flavor.

Devil Roll (Salmon, mixed veggie, Japanese mustard) $4.95~ I ordered this one because I was interested in trying the Japanese mustard. gave a kick! If you've ever tried a tear drop (which is basically pure/raw wasabi...SUPER makes you joke!) this has the essence of it but not nearly as strong. I really liked first... After a couple pieces I started not really liking the flavor of the mustard. The kick it gave I enjoyed tho. :) I would probably not order that again in the future.

Rainbow Roll (California Roll topped with 5 different fish) $12.95~ This is always a classic, probably one of my favorite rolls since its got the creamy crab in the California roll topped with an assortment of sashimi. Sounds YUM! The one at Fin was not bad. The sizes of the pieces were nice and it seemed pretty fresh...even at 12 o'clock at night!

Yellowtail Roll $4.95~ This roll was basically yellowtail and green onion. It's very light and simple. I've had better at other places though. I think they needed to put more green onion because I tasted none.

Sashimi Platter (Salmon, Tuna, White Tuna, Red Snapper, Yellowtail) I'm not sure how much this dish was... I want to say around $25-ish~ The presentation looked pretty nice and they were fairly thick cuts of fish which was good. Pretty fresh, the texture was nice, but I didn't like how they put Salmon on top of the lemon (good for presentation) but the lemon completely killed the taste of the fish.

Fin Special Grilled Fried Rice (Grilled fried rice stuffed in Paprika with Mozzarella Cheese) $6.50~This dish looked interesting to everyone so we decided to order one and try. It was totally unexpected. First of all, I think they had major typo in the menu because it wasn't stuffed in 'Paprika' (which is actually a spice) instead it was in a bell pepper. Looked like they baked the bell pepper with cheese on top, with another side of fried rice...and a dessert of orange??? It was very strange...but looked pretty good. Flavor was a little disappointing...decent...nothing spectacular. The cheese added little flavor. The orange with whip cream was super sweet was kinda like orangesicle!

Overall not too bad. The food was decent and somewhat strange at times. I would probably go back for the sushi sometime. And its nice to know they open late! Also, the waiter was really nice but didn't really know what's going on. All of our questions about the menu received weird/confusing answers. At least he was nice...I guess...haha.

So if you are in this area and want some late night food, go check it out. If you are not in the area, I wouldn't make that drive just to come here.

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  1. I stayed with a host family in Denmark once, and they spoke very good English, but sometimes they had strange word choices. They called bell peppers "paprika". Apparently that is what they are called in a lot of Europe (and maybe other non-US places), so maybe the person writing the menu was educated elsewhere or is not a native English speaker. Also, paprika is made by smoking or drying peppers and grinding them up, so they are definitely related.