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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Morelli's Gelato in Zaguan Cafe

Morelli's has gelato shops in Dubai, Monaco, London and other exotic places and has decided to open their first US location in Dallas, TX. They feature their "soft" gelato in Zaguan Latin Cafe & Bakery.

Morelli's @ Zaguan
2604 Oak Lawn Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 219-8393
Price (for gelato): $

I was super excited when I heard they were here. And the pictures on the website looked amazing!

We decided to go after dinner one night, for dessert of course, since we were in the area. I've eaten at Zaguan before and thought their food was pretty good. Here's a Beef & Cheese Arepa. Pretty tasty! :) Guess my bf was still hungry after dinner! haha.

We ordered a variety of gelato options.
Zaguan Special Sundae (vanilla and dulce de leche gelato topped with dulce de leche sauce, hazelnuts and coconut flakes) $6.49~
It was much smaller than we thought. I actually didn't know it was "soft" gelato until I read the menu just now so we were expecting something more like gelato. This was the consistency of frozen yogurt...maybe even lighter. I felt like it melted very quickly too...very watery. :( The dulce de leche flavor was definitely better since the vanilla tasted like nothing. It was extremely disappointing.

Medium Gelato (with strawberries and hot chocolate sauce) $3.99 + $0.99 (topping)~
This ended up being a much better deal than the pre-made sundaes. It was a little bigger and we actually didn't get charged for the extra toppings! But same complaint. The texture and consistency was definitely not gelato. And the waiter totally got our order wrong. We also got bananas and chocolate hazelnut sauce in it as well. Guess it worked in our favor.

Hot Crepes Gelato (filled with choice of dulce de leche or Nutella and served with a swirl of gelato) $4.99~
This was ok. The nutella is better. Crepes were good. Gelato eh.

Gelato Alfajor (dulce de leche gelato served sandwiched between Zaguan's alfajor cookies and dusted with powdered sugar) $2.49~
This was pretty small and totally didn't work. The cookie was too hard (more like a shortbread cookies) and the "gelato" was too soft. As soon as you bit into it, all the gelato squished out. :(

It was quite disappointing to say the least. I had such high hopes for this new gelato place. But it's definitely not gelato and they only have 2 flavors (vanilla and dulce de leche) and neither of them are very good. Sigh~ I wonder what their regular gelato is like??

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