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Friday, April 27, 2012

NYC Apr12: Eataly

My friend that lives in NYC was the one that told me about Eataly. We went there twice during the course of our trip. First time was just to check it out and walk around and we went back on our last day for some lunch and souvenirs! I don't know HOW I didn't know about this place!!

200 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010
(212) 229-2560

(Iron) Chef Mario Batali is the partner and co-owner. It's basically an Italian marketplace with restaurants all around. Like a mini-indoor Little Italy! They've brought together some of the best Italian producers from every region and some of the best chefs. Not only do they import great products but also have local ingredients, such as using New York flour for the breads, local dairy for the gelato and American beef and seafood.

It's such a fabulous place! Super packed with people so it was a little hard to navigate. But on Sunday when we went back, there were lots of samples! I had some of the best butter and ricotta I've tasted!

There are also several "restaurants" where you can sit and dine (with waiter service) or community seating where you can find your own seats. They have a pasta area, seafood, meat, deli, gelato, coffee... you name it. In the center is La Piazza where you see people standing around with meat and cheese plates while drinking wine. Very cool!!

There was a wait at the pasta restaurant so we decided to just pick up some sandwiches and find our own seats.

I Panini - Price: $
I got a Speck & Taleggio (smoked prosciutto with a tangy cow's milk cheese, served hot) $8.80~
It was pressed and warm and the cheese was nice and melty. The panini was super simple. Just meat and cheese and bread. But that's how they do it in Europe right? Simple ingredients that speak for themselves. I wished there was some arugula or greens in there though. Just personal preference.

My friend got the Porschetta (boneless whole roasted pork seasoned with garlic and rosemary, topped with giadiniera - spicy pickled vegetables; served cold) $6.20~
It reminded me of an Italian Banh Mi. haha. The ingredients were all really fresh. But I couldn't really taste much of the giadiniera...I wish they had put more of it. It was a good and fairly light lunch and just to be in that environment was very cool. I wonder if Italy is like this?

I love gelato. So while my friends got some coffee, I got me some gelato! :)

Gelateria - Price: $
Waffle Cone with Pistachio Gelato and Stracciatella & Banana Sorbetto $4.90~
The pistachio was their best seller and I know why! It was amazing. The best pistachio gelato I've ever had. Normally I don't get pistachio because I find the flavors very bland but this was not the case. It was bold and slightly smokey and FULL of pistachio flavor. The banana sorbet with chocolate chips was awesome as well. Both had great texture and full flavors. And for a giant 2 scoops and waffle cone it was only $4.90? It's cheaper than Paciugo back home!!

My bf said the Cappuccino he got was really delicious. And the foam art was perfect even the Barista took a picture of it before he served it to us! haha.

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