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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bliss Cupcakes & Confections

I got a recommendation on Friday from Jeanine at Dallas by Chocolate of a great cupcake place up in Allen. She's tried many cupcake shops all over town and assured me that Bliss Cupcakes & Confections definitely stood out among the rest.

Bliss Cupcakes & Confections
190 East Stacy Road, #1414
Allen, TX 75002
(972) 912-3155
Price: $

I was lucky enough to be eating dinner in the area later that day and decided to pop by the shop to check it out. It's in The Village at Allen. That place has expanded so much it was a little difficult to find it. The shop was cute. Very pink! haha.

I was very warmly greeted by the staff. And the first thing I noticed was that their cupcakes were massive!! And then saw that their cake pops were also massive! OMG!
And they also make this thing called Cake Parfaits where they layer cupcakes, custard and frosting.
Geez! It sounds and looks too sinful even for me! And their Cake Pops are only $1.99. And being at least 30% bigger than normal cake balls, that's a killer price!

I wanted to try everything but was too full from dinner. I ended up with 2 cupcakes. The cupcakes are AT LEAST 30% bigger than normal cupcakes and each one is $3.99. Not bad for the size.

Chocolate with Cream Cheese Frosting (moist chocolate cake frosted with cream cheese icing topped with chocolate sprinkles).
The chocolate cake was moist, fluffy and not too sweet. I really liked it. It kinda reminded me of the Betty Crocker Super Moist Dark Chocolate cake. haha. The cream cheese frosting is different than normal cream cheese frostings. I think it had more butter or sugar in it instead of the cream cheese? I prefer having more cream cheesy flavor in my frostings. Overall a good cupcake.

Tres Leches (rich butter cake soaked in a sweet three milk cream, frosted with creamy caramel icing drizzled with caramel).
The lady told me that this cake needed to be refrigerated if not eaten within the next hour or two. It was really good. I could actually see the milk in the cake, making it super moist. The cake was also very fluffy. The frosting was a caramel frosting. It definitely had a lot of caramel flavor. I liked the creamy consistency of it. The cupcake is even better if you let it sit out and get to room temperature. The frosting melts just a little and the texture is perfect. I did feel the the frosting was bit sweet though. But it was still delicious.

They also offer an option of creating your own cupcakes. You pick the cake, the filling and frosting for $3.99 each. That's pretty cool.

It's a great place and the cupcakes are legit. If you are in the area, definitely go check them out. :) Thanks for the recommendation!

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