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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jiro Dreams of Sushi - the Movie

Yesterday I went to go see Jiro Dreams of Sushi at the Plano Angelika Theater. Now I know my blog is not about movies... but since this is about food, I thought it is still relevent. hehe.

The movie was amazing. It was a documentary about Jiro Ono, 85 years old and considered by many to be the best sushi chef in the world. His small, 10-seater restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro, was awarded 3 Michelin stars, a top honor in the culinary world.

The movie was so simplistic and beautiful. The cinematography was awesome. The slow motion and zoomed in shots of the sushi was so exquisite it even made cleaning a squid look wonderful. haha. But besides the amazing shots of his sushi creations, and me trying not to drool all over myself... the overall story of his life was just pure inspiration. To have that kind of discipline, dedication and passion to what you do and what you love is truly commendable. And while he's already regarded as the best, he continues his days with daily routine and work because it's what he loves. He still strives to improve and create after 75 years of making sushi.

I felt honored to watch the movie. I don't think I've ever seen a film that made me feel like that so I'm compelled to write about it. I also want to make a trip to Japan just to have the privilege to taste his food... I haven't figured out how to do it yet, but soon!! hehe.

If you are a foodie, or love sushi, or simply enjoy good films, I urge you to see this movie. And maybe go get some sushi before or after the movie too. hehe.


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  1. Completely agree with your write up. Don't understand why the critics have rated the film so poorly. It's a beautiful story with great commentary.