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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vitality House

I've known about Vitality House for a few weeks now. It just opened not too long ago and features a lot of healthy, all natural foods. Plus it's pretty close to my work! So I really wanted to go check it out.

Vitality House
800 N Coit Rd
Richardson, TX 75080
(972) 664-9299

Price: $$

I suggested it to my coworkers for our L2E Meeting. After the NBA Finals and eating out for every game, I needed to get my diet back on track! haha. I was excited about checking this place out. Their menu looked pretty yummy!

Walking in, the place is very bright and clean. Their color scheme featured green and orange and fit their theme well. Our waitress was super nice.

Their foods are all natural, some organic, low sodium, nothing fried, natural sweeteners, all natural poultry and grass fed bison. Pretty much everything is made in house and baked instead of fried. They even substitute apple sauce for some oil to cut some of the fat.

After looking at the menu forever (cuz I wanted to try so many different things!)...we finally ordered...

Dips and Chips (a variety of house made dips served with freshly baked pita chips) $4.25~ We got the Edamame Hummus and Black Bean Salsa. I've never heard of edamame hummus before. I thought chickpeas were what makes hummus 'Hummus'. I think it was basically a edamame dip that looked like hummus. haha. It was quite interesting. Very light, with a hint of acidity...probably lemon juice or something. I liked the texture, it was pretty smooth. I really liked the black bean salsa. It was light but also full of flavor and had a hint of spicy. The pita chips were nicely baked and crispy. I actually liked mixing the hummus and salsa together in one bite. The flavors from the salsa and the texture of the hummus really went well together with the crispy pita.

J got the Southwest Wrap (seasoned chicken, black beans, brown rice, tomato, pepper, onions, and avocado; with side of Sweet Potato Strings) $9.95~ The portion was pretty small for the price... The sweet potato strings were basically sweet potato fries that were baked. I expected 'stings' to be much thinner and crispier. The baked fries were quite soft... still tasted good though. The wrap was small...had some good flavors, I liked the avocado in there to add some richness. J liked it but said it was not worth the price.

K ordered the Greek Salad (tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, sprinkled with feta cheese and homemade tzatziki sauce) $8.95~ She also added Ahi Tuna on top for $3~ It was just a basic bed of greens with seared tuna on top. For $ wasn't anything special. The greens were fresh and the tuna was seared nicely. But again, a little too pricey. She enjoyed it though.

I got the Falafel Salad (falafel atop a bed of arugula with tomato and red onion, served with tahini and tzatziki sauces) $8.95~ I love falafel...the best I've had would still have to be in NYC. This wasn't really what I expected. The falafel were like half pieces on a bed of greens. The greens were pretty generic...but fresh. The falafel wasn't crispy enough on the outside and weren't super flavorful. It was ok, I wouldn't get it again.

I think the chips and dip were my favorite part of the meal. The other dishes were all fresh and healthy, but just wasn't spectacular. Plus we all felt it was just too expensive for what we were getting...especially since it's lunch. (They only open for breakfast and lunch btw...)

The waitress was super friendly, I really liked her. But the food took forever to come out (not the waitress's fault...). They weren't busy at all but we still waited a long time. I wonder if it's because they are making everything from scratch... But even so, it's not good for working people during lunch. Most of us don't have that much time to go out and eat.

So, I'd say overall it definitely didn't wow me. I appreciated the freshness of the ingredients but it wasn't special enough for me to go back any time soon. If they lowered their prices I might reconsider though! haha.

Quality of Food:




Overall Experience:


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