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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Velvet Bake Shop

I finally got to go into Velvet Bake Shop! haha. It was pretty much what I expected since I've seen pictures on yelp. Very minimalistic, clean, white. It was almost kinda steril feeling? I think it should be a little more "bubbly" or something.

I did like all the cupcakes displayed on the counter though. All of their cupcakes looked really pretty and delicious. I wanted to try so many different flavors.

I decided to get something lighter this time since I was pretty full from dinner. I settled on the Strawberry Cupcake $3.25~ It was so pretty! With the shiny sugar crystals on the top. It was very delicate looking. I liked it. The cake was really moist and again, the frosting was creamy yet fluffy. The cake itself was very light on sugar. The frosting was a little too sweet but with the light cake flavor it worked. I liked the Red Velvet I had last time better but this was also quite yummy. I definitely think this is one of the better cupcake shops in Dallas.

One thing though... the guy working the shop wasn't that great. He wasn't really friendly and welcoming. I asked him a few questions and he either didn't really understand or answered it wrong... I feel like cupcakes are such a fun dessert, you need energy and enthusiasm when you are trying to sell them. He was pretty much as bland as the decor... Sigh~ I'll still go back though. Since the cupcakes are good and it's so close to home. Maybe they should look for more bubbly personalities to bring in more business or something...

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