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Monday, June 20, 2011

Kenny's Woodfire Grill

Went to Kenny's Woodfire Grill in Addison over the weekend for a late night/2nd dinner. hehe. Their kitchen is open until 1:30AM on the weekends.

Kenny's Woodfire Grill
5000 Belt Line Road
Dallas, TX 75254
(972) 392-9663

Price: $$-$$$

I've been wanting to go here for a while and my friends say it's pretty good. Walking wasn't as nice as I imagined since their dinner menu seemed a little pricey. We got there a little after 12:30am. The bar was pretty full but there was only 1 other table in the dining area.

Our waiter was really nice. He actually recognized 2 of my friends who dined there just a few days ago. haha.

It didn't take us long to order. I wasn't too hungry so I actually just picked off my other friends.

One got the Bacon & Egg Burger (fried egg, bacon, American cheese, bearnaise) $9.99~ He got it without the cheese. The burger looked good but it had no veggies in it! I always want lettuce and tomato or some sort of greens in my burgers, otherwise it's just too heavy. The burger was good though. The egg is what makes it...with the runny yolk and all.

He chose a side of Bubbies Potato Cakes (cheddar, smoked bacon, lemon dill sour cream). The potato cakes are yum! Nice crispy crust and super fluffy and creamy on the inside. The sour cream added a nice acidity to cut the fried potatoes.

Another friend got the Sterling Silver Ribeye (16oz, garlic mushrooms, horseradish) $29.99~ Damn... 16oz steak at 1am in the morning...don't know what he was thinking. hahaha. :P He said his friend got it earlier that week and it just looked so good. Unfortunately this time it wasn't good at all. He ordered it medium rare, but it was definitely more like medium well to well done. It had a nice sear on the outside but needed more seasoning. The mushrooms were wayy better than the steak. Totally not worth $30.

He got the side of Old Fashioned Fries with the steak. The fries were good though. Nicely fried.
The food wasn't spectacular, but hey, what can you expect after midnight. haha. It still beats going to IHOP every night. :P The price was a little high for the quality though. I guess I'll still go try their regular dinner sometime, but I'm not in a rush anymore.

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