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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sushi Town

I've been craving some sushi for the past few days so I googled some places around Plano. I came across this small place called Sushi had pretty good reviews online! How come I never knew it existed?!?

Sushi Town
2201 W 15th St
Plano, TX 75075
(972) 596-0858

Price: $-$$

So I went last night. It's a tiny little place on the Northwest corner of 15th Street and Custer. It has a small sushi bar and maybe 4 square tables. There were only 2 guys working there. One was a waiter and the other was behind the sushi bar. The waiter was really friendly. Business was pretty slow when we first got there, but as we ate more people came in. A lot of to-go orders but by the time we finished the place was full.

The menu is pretty small but they have really good deals. You can mix and match sushi and rolls. 1 is $4.99, 2 for $7.99 and 3 for $9.99. 3 rolls for $10?!? That's awesome! Now we just hope it's good!

Time for dinner!

I didn't know whether to do the mix and match or get one of the bento/combos or a special roll... Ahhh...the choices!
I settled on Bento 5 (8 pieces of Tornado Roll (deep fried white fish and jalapeno roll topped with spicy mayo sauce), 8 pieces of California Roll, 2 pieces of beef Gyoza, Salad with Ginger Dressing, Miso Soup) $9.99~ I wanted to keep things light and no fried stuff but the Tornado Roll just sounded so interesting. Plus you know I love my spicy. The jalapeno really sold it for me. It's a cooked roll for those of you that don't eat raw fish. It was pretty good. Nice and crispy on the outside and the sauce was a nice compliment. I didn't taste any jalapeno though. :( The California Roll is pretty normal...quite fresh. The gyoza was super crispy on the outside. I liked it. And I really really liked their ginger dressing on the crisp greens. It's a lot of food and an awesome deal!

So, stupid me.. after I changed my order to the bento I didn't realize I had already put down an order of side I ended up having 2 salads! haha. No biggie. It was yummy!
House Salad (with Ginger Dressing) $1.99~ I gave my miso soup to a friend so I don't know if it was good or not. It seemed like it was good.

One of my friends got the Mix & Match 3 for $9.99~ Tuna Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, and Albacore Sushi (2pcs). They made a mistake and gave her California Rolls instead so that was on the house and they made the Spicy Tuna Roll for her. So much sushi! :) I only got to try the spicy tuna. Its got a kick to it! I liked it a lot.

Another friend ordered the Ahi Tower (stacked rice, avocado, crab meat and spicy tuna with 3 types of sauces and flying fish eggs) $9.99~ It looked pretty awesome! So vibrant and colorful! It turned out to be quite a big portion after you mix everything together. It was delicious. The spicy tuna with the creamy avocado and the rice and the little fish eggs that pop in your mouth... what a great combination. Everything was really fresh too! And this was a killer deal. Any other Japanese restaurant you'll see the Ahi Tower for at least $13+!

One guy got the Combo A (California Roll with 5 pieces assorted sushi: tuna, salmon, red snapper, shrimp and albacore) $9.99~ I didn't get to try any of the sushi, but he finished his plate and said it was good!

One of my friends doesn't eat seafood so thank goodness they had a Special Bento (Crispy Pork with California Roll, 2 pieces of beef Gyoza, Salad with Ginger Dressing, Miso Soup) $9.99~ He didn't want the California Roll obviously, so they said he can swap for another roll for $2~ more. He went for the Town Dog Roll (hot dog sausage wrapped in sushi rice and seaweed then deep fried topped with town sauce). The crispy pork is basically tonkatsu. It was pretty good. The sauce on it was different than normal tonkatsu sauce. I think it was more of a spicy mayo or something. It worked! The Town Dog roll was interesting. It's basically what the description says. And it was tasty! The rice has a nice crispy crust on the outside and the sauce added a slight sweetness to it all.

This was definitely a nice surprise. I liked everything I tried. Great value for some great food. I will definitely be back in the near future! :)

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