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Monday, June 20, 2011

Into the Glass

I was going to the airport to pick up my bf last Friday night so I met up with some friends for dinner beforehand. My friend suggested Into the Glass in Grapevine. I never go to Grapevine so it'll be a nice change of scenery. Plus their menu looked really tasty. :)

Into the Glass
322 South Main Street
Grapevine, TX 76051
(817) 442-1969

Price: $$-$$$

It's a wine bar and the place is really small...only 35 seats so they don't take reservations. We had a fairly big group so we tried to get there a little earlier. And we got lucky! Arrived right before 7pm and 2 tables were just leaving. Yay!

The waiter came by to take our drink orders...some of my friends ordered wine. And he told us about the specials.

Everything sounded yummy but the specials sounded especially delicious.

I got one of the specials. Pork Chops (bone-in chops, peach sauce, potatoes, asparagus) $15~ It comes with 2 bone-in pork chops. It was yummy! The pork chops were cooked nicely and had a nice amount of fat around the sides. The sweet peach sauce paired with the pork really nicely. The veggies on the side were also cooked well and tasty. For the portion and quality, it was a great deal!

The other special of the night was a prime rib. 2 of my friends ordered the last 2 left. Prime Rib (topped with fried egg and crispy potatoes and sauteed mushrooms) $25~ I think it was a 16oz steak. It looked sooooo good! It was super tender and had so much flavor. Delicious! The egg on top had a runny yolk and was definitely the cherry on top. The mushrooms were awesome and the crispy potatoes added a nice crunch. It was a really good steak!

One of my friends ordered the Chicken & Waffles (rosemary, chipotle syrup, dark meat) $18~ I saw this on their website and I wanted to order this initially. The online reviews raved about this. It looked really good when they brought it out. I only had a bite and I remembered liking it, but I really don't remember what it tasted like. haha. There were too many other even better dishes... I did think the waffles were too thin though.

She also got a side of the Truffled Mac & Cheese. It came in a cute little cast iron container. The truffle flavor was very bold. I liked it. Rich and creamy.

My other friend got the Brie & Chicken Nachos (cilantro, tomato, sweet peppers, cranberry salsa) $14~ This was also another dish that reviews raved about. There were a few bad reviews on this though. It was interesting. The combination of the melted brie, chicken and dried cranberries were pretty good. But the brie is too mild so you only get the texture of the melted cheese but not really much of the flavor. The chips were pretty generic. It wasn't really a 'salsa' either..more like craisins sprinkled on top. It shouldn't have been more than $8 in my opinion.

Lastly, another friend ordered the Duck Confit Napolean (sweet potato, cilantro, blackberry) $14~ This sounded really interesting on the menu. It was a small plate but very satisfying. I would say other than the prime rib, this was my other favorite dish of the night. The duck was tender and it was great with the crispy sweet potato. The blackberry sauce added a nice sweetness and tang to round out the dish. YUMM!

The waiters were pretty nice and cool but the service was quite slow. I'm not sure why since the place was so small, but it took forever after we finished dinner to have anyone come clear the plates. We had to actually flag them down to order dessert...

All the desserts sounded good and the waiter highly recommended the Kahlua Cake and Bread Pudding.

We decided on the Kahlua Cake $7~ It was like a slice of a bundt cake. It was super good. I liked it a lot. It was really moist and I can definitely taste the kahlua. It wasn't too sweet and light. The whipped cream and berries were a nice compliment.

We also got the Root Beer Float Cake $7~ It just sounded so interesting. It was pretty good. Also super moist and light. I didn't get much of the root beer float flavor though. It seemed more like a cinnamon or spice cake.

The food was overall was pretty fantastic. I would totally go back to try other stuff. The service was a little too slow and it was super hot in there but the feel of the place was pretty cool. It doesn't feel like you are in Dallas anymore. I definitely recommend checking them out. But go earlier and make sure you are not in a rush. :p

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