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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ssahm Taco Truck

I'm pissed... I was all excited to find out that we're getting more food trucks in Dallas so I planned to go check out the new Ssahm korean taco truck tonight in Addison. According to their schedule they had 3 time slots today. I got a bunch of friends together for the 10pm time slot. We came to Addison early just to be there in time. But before we even got there we heard they sold out! WTF! Either they need to replenish and come back at 10 or they need to change the way they post their schedules. If you post time slots of 11am, 5:30pm, and 10pm...I'm assuming they go there at that time, sell out, replenish, and come back. But I guess not!! I came to Addison just for this, and I didn't even get to see the truck! Me not happy... :(

For this I give it ZERO cookies. And I dunno if I want to try them again... We'll see...
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