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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Thursday I swung by Goodfellas in Plano for happy hour with some friends.

Since everyone was at the bar, I ordered my food there. It took me a while to finally decide on something ... On one side I was craving meat, but I also wanted to stay healthy. The craving won. haha.

I ordered the Sausage, Peppers and Onion Hero (Sausage links, brick-oven roasted peppers and sauteed onions) $7.99~ This thing was massive! And it came with a side of curly fries. It looked and smelled really good and the flavor delivered. The bread was nicely toasted and held up to the sausage and onions really well. It never got soggy and soft. The sausage had super bold flavors with a kick of spice and the peppers and onions added some sweetness. The flavor combination was great. I wished there was a bit more onion though. The fries were good as well. Nice and crispy. I really enjoyed it and it totally satisfied my craving. Initially I was only going to eat half but I ended cleaning my plate!! Ugh...sooo full!!

The owner came by for a bit and greeted me, I thought that was a nice touch. He goes around greeting all the guests. :)

I'm more than stuffed after this meal. I will be back to have it again. For the price, it was definitely worth it. :D P.S. Their thursday hh special at the bar is $3 You-Call-Its. All night. That's pretty awesome!

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