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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vegas 2012: Wicked Spoon Buffet

I limited myself to one buffet this trip. I can no longer eat that much!! Hahaha... well I can.. but my body just hates me too much after. :P 

My friends and I picked the Wicked Spoon buffet at the Cosmopolitan. It sounded so fun and the selling point was that they have a gelato bar!! Nice! 

Wicked Spoon - Cosmopolitan 
3708 South Las Vegas Boulevard 
Las Vegas, NV 89109 
(877) 551-7772
Price: $$$$ 

The decor is really nice. I really like the art on the pillars at the entrance with the different kinds of spoon. It seemed to go with the fairy tale name. 

There was a huge line already when we arrived at 11:45AM. Luckily it wasn't too long of a wait. But then we saw that there was ANOTHER line on the side to be seated. haha. The first line was only to pay... But still, not too bad. I think we waited about 20-25 minutes total. The buffet is $34.95 a person (including tax) which seems to be the standard rate across the strip. 

And straight to the food! They had a pretty good selection of things from Asian, to Mexican, American, Italian.. Not the biggest buffet I've seen but definitely enough. The dessert section is what I scoped out first, of course! Everything looked so cute and delicious and I can't wait to try the gelato bar! 

Gelato Bar. Get your favorite flavors quick because once one flavor is gone, they don't replenish... 

Pumpkin Cheesecake 
Carrot Cake 
Chocolate Cake 
Chocolate Croissant 

They had a pretty big Asian and meat selection... 
Sushi. Mediocre...
Dim Sum 

Pork Buns. These went so fast I didn't even get to try them... 

Korean Short Ribs 
BBQ Ribs
Roast Beef 
Chicken, Sausage, Ham, Bone Marrow 

Roasted Sweet Potato with Cinnamon and Marshmallows 
Fried Chicken Wings 
Breads, Butter & Jam 

There were many more stations but I wanted to eat instead of taking more photos! haha. I loved the cute little containers the dishes came in. This made it more fun than just any other buffet. I liked the thought into the presentation as well. 

This is my first plate! 
Garlic Green Beans 
Sauteed Asian Veggies 
Kale Salad 
Curried Cauliflower Salad 
Roast Beef with Chimichurri Sauce. They didn't render the fat enough. It was ok. 
Beef Short Ribs. Disappointing.. Quite tough. 
BBQ Ribs. The best thing on the plate. Sooo flavorful and tender. 
Dim Sum Black Bean Pork. Fall off the bone tender.
Duck Confit Ravioli 
Roasted Sweet Potato with Cinnamon and Marshmallows. Fantastic. 
Asiago Gnocchi 

My full plate of Desserts: 
Molten Chocolate Cake. Covered in caramel sauce. So good! 
Chocolate Cake Ball 
Homemade Marshmallow 
Orange Macaron. Very orangey. I like. 
Chocolate Cone 
Chocolate/Strawberry Tart 
Salted Caramel Macaron 
Tiramisu Cup. Light and pretty. 
Sweet Potato Flan. YUM! 

Almond Joy Gelato 
Oreo Covered and Heath Bar Covered Strawberries 

 So full.. but I had a 3rd plate. haha. Gotta get my money's worth right? I enjoyed it a lot and our main waitress was super nice. All the waiters and waitresses were nice actually as well as the hostess. :) I think it's worth checking out! 

Quality of Food:




Overall Experience:


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