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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mian Cuisine in Plano

Went to check out this Taiwanese noodle place in Plano (by 99 Ranch) on Sunday. It seemed to have decent reviews plus we don't really have that many good Taiwanese restaurants in Dallas so I wanted to try it out! 

Mian Cuisine 
121 W. Spring Creek Pkwy. #311 
Plano, TX 75023 
(972) 517-1688 
Price: $ 

The place was pretty packed on a Sunday night. The decor was pretty standard as far as Chinese restaurants go... nothing fancy. The menu looked pretty good. I wanted to try so many things. Sorry I don't remember most of the prices but everything was under $10. 

But the first thing I noticed is that service is pretty lackluster. The water I ordered never came. I had to ask twice. And then the water glasses were never refilled until I asked them again. But it didn't really phase me. This is almost expected at Chinese restaurants. I know it's a terrible expectation but they tend to hold up to the stereotype. :( However, I'm there to try the food, the service is secondary. 

I got the Chili Beef Noodle Soup $6.99~ 
Since they are known as a noodle shop, I should try the noodles, eh? It was a huge bowl! There was a ton of noodles...more noodle ratio to meat. But I loved the texture of the noodle...cooked al dente and had that nice chewy bite. Many people compared this place to King's Noodle in Richardson and said it wasn't as good. But I thought it had more flavor than King's Noodle plus the noodles were cooked better. The meat was tender and the broth was actually spicy! It also had a hint of sweetness from the daikon that was in there. I liked it a lot. My mom makes the best Beef Noodle Soup in town, hands down, but I'm ok with this one as well. I'd order it again for sure. 

My friend got the Pork Chop Rice
Which is usually my go-to but I wanted to try their noodles. But this way I get to try the pork chops as well! hehe. It comes in a bento box, the portion size is pretty decent. The pork chops were pretty thin but were cooked well and I liked the seasoning on the batter. Reminded me of flavors in Taiwan (and being a Taiwanese SHOULD, right? haha). Not too bad! 

We also got the Hand Grab Scallion Pancake
They also have the regular scallion pancake but this kind is better in my opinion. It's looser and more "fluffy". It was a big portion for 2 people to share. Nice crispy top layer and good texture throughout. Yum! 

So I also read online that they have pearl milk tea for $ I had to verify! Yes and no... it's a dollar if you spend a specific amount and the lady wasn't very clear on it. But since our dinner was pretty cheap we were only able to get 1 for $1 the 2nd cup was like $2 and some change. Still not bad. But... it wasn't good. Really sweet (artificial tasting) and the boba was not good. I'd save the dollar and go to Fat Straws or something. hahaha. 

Anyways, it was a good dinner overall. I'm glad this place is much closer to me than King's Noodle. So now if I want Beef Noodle Soup and my mom isn't here... I know where to go. :) 

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