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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vegas 2012: Hash House a Go Go

Saturday night we planned on hitting up Hash House a Go Go, a place where EVERYONE told me to go! And I've seen pictures of the food and it looks pretty epic! It made my list for sure!

Hash House a Go Go - Imperial Palace
3535 Las Vegas Blvd S.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 254-4646
Price: $$

They have 3 locations in Vegas with only one on the strip inside Imperial Palace which is currently undergoing renovations to become The Quad Resort. Since we had no car, that's where we went. We arrive around 11:15PM...we were still so full from lunch so it was a super late dinner! The place was pretty empty to my surprise. I wonder if the original location off the strip is busier than that.

There were 3 of us so we got 2 things to share. Of course we had to get the famous Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles (two sage fried chicken breasts with hardwood smoked bacon waffle tower, hot maple reduction and fried leeks) $15.95~ New York Times favorite.
I've seen so many people take pictures of this dish and it looked amazing. Stacked up high full of bacon, waffles and fried chicken. I was very excited to finally try this. However, I wasn't the taste. It was as big as I imagined but the waffles were a bit dense and not crispy on the outside. I did like the massive amounts of bacon in the waffle though. The chicken had a great batter and the crispy skin was the best part. The chicken itself was dry and slightly bland. I threw some tabasco on there and solved that problem! :P I mean, it was fine, but after all the hype I was disappointed.

We also got the HH Famous Flapjacks (Blackberry granola) $7.95~ Plus whipped cream +$0.95~ 
I loveee pancakes and this one was soooo good! First of all, it was huge! At least the size of a medium pizza. The flapjack is different than other pancakes I've had before, the texture was a bit more spongey? The granola was my favorite part and they weren't stingy with it. Added a great nuttiness and crunchy texture. Topped with butter, maple syrup and whipped cream... YUM!

I was super stuffed! I wasn't even hungry to begin with. haha. But I definitely ate more than my fair share of the flapjack. We couldn't finish the chicken and waffles though. I wouldn't mind going back in the future to try some other dishes, or to get another flapjack (they have a bunch of different flavors). This location is open until 1AM.

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