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Friday, December 28, 2012

Five-Sixty Happy Hour @ Reunion Tower

Yesterday I went with a friend to go check out the happy hour at Wolfgang Puck's Five-Sixty at the Reunion Tower. I've heard it's pretty good plus great view of course! 

I hadn't been to the Reunion Tower in like over 15 years?? I was excited to go again. But as luck would have it, the weather was so blah. Grey and gloomy all day so we weren't able to see any sort of a sunset. :( 

Five-Sixty - Reunion Tower
300 Reunion Blvd
Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 741-5560
Price (for HH): $

560's "Seven Until 7" Happy Hour: Monday - Thursday 5-7PM. 
They say on the menu that it starts at 5PM. We arrived around 4:50PM. But no one was able to go up the elevators until about 5:20PM... :/ By then a big crowd had gathered in the downstairs lobby area and we basically crammed into the elevators and had to fight for seating in the bar area (since no reservations for bar area). I did not expect a crowd like this.. but I guess it's because of the holiday season, lots of people visiting and off work. I had to do some maneuvering skills to bypass people and was able to get a pretty good seat. haha. 

The restaurant is pretty cool, given that it's revolving. The decor is really modern and chic. 

We were starving so we immediately ordered some food. And I was really looking forward to it... all sounded good. 

Crispy Pork Belly Bao Buns (sweet bean paste, Gochujang aioli, scallions) $7~ 
Anything with pork belly is a must! I think it's funny that the name has "bao" and "bun" in it... It's basically the same word, haha, kind of redundant. :P Anyways, when it came, both our faces dropped. We were starving!! And they were teeeeeny. I thought it would at least have a slab of pork belly on there, not some tiny little shreds of pork. Boooo... It tasted great. The bao was steamed well and the pork belly was crispy and flavorful. But at $3.50 a piece...not worth it. :( 

Crispy Maine Lobster & Shrimp Spring Rolls (honey ten-spice sauce) $7~ 
Then we had this. It was even more ridiculously small. It was basically ONE spring roll cut in half. REALLY?! $7 for ONE spring roll? I mean I get it's lobster but how much lobster can you really fit into this? Sigh... Again, quite tasty but I can't get over the size. 

Kobe Beef "Sliders" (mushrooms, fried jalapenos and ginger, garlic aioli) $7~ 
I had high hopes for this last one since I saw 3 on a plate. Until they set it down in front of us. Smallest sliders I've ever seen in my life. It's like play food... size of a cream puff. :( Notice the size in relation to the fork.. No wonder the word "sliders" are in quotes. And I've had better sliders in many other places. 

Hot Green Tea $6~ 
We also each got a hot tea. Since it was such a cold day, the tea hit the spot. But I had joked to my friend that the tea probably cost $6 and I was spot on. haha. We were so hungry we drank the crap out of that tea. hahaha. 

Well, it was definitely an experience. Not what I expected for sure. The portion sizes were laughable. Although we didn't think it was funny at the time cuz we were so hungry. haha. At least at night the view was nice and it was something new to do. And our waitress was super nice. I really liked her. But I'm sure I won't be back for hh. And we had to go elsewhere after for dinner!! :( 

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