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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vegas 2012 - Holsteins Shakes & Buns

This past weekend I went to Vegas with a few friends. I'm not a big partier or gambler so of course it was mainly about the foooood!! Vegas is definitely a great destination for some epic food. 

We kicked off the trip at Holsteins for lunch on Saturday. This is definitely one of my favorite places to eat when I go to Vegas. I recommend it to everyone! 

Holsteins - Cosmopolitan Hotel 
3708 South Las Vegas Boulevard 
Las Vegas, NV 89109 
(702) 698-7940 
Price: $$ 

I'm glad I made a reservation, it was packed at 1:30PM... line out the door! 

We got some complimentary Salt & Vinegar Popcorn after we sat down. I didn't think I would like it but it was sooo good! Just enough vinegar to give it a bite and the salt balances it out. 

My friend got the Tiramisu Bam-Boozled Shake (mascarpone ice cream, ladyfinger crumbs, Patron XO Cafe Dark, chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, espresso beans) $11~ They're known for their burgers and spiked milkshakes. This was sooo good! Better than the ones I tried last time I was in Vegas (like 2 years ago...). 

I got the Hen House (beef with fried egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato & onion with mustard & ketchup; served with side of steakcut fries) $15~ Any burger with an egg on top is good in my opinion. The egg was cooked perfectly. The yolk burst and ran down the burger as I cut into it. :) Very tasty. 

The Longhorn (beef patty topped with Texas smoked beef brisket, whiskey BBQ sauce, creamy coleslaw & dill pickle; served with steakcut fries) $16~ I didn't get to try this but my friend said it was really good. It looked amazing. Beef patty AND brisket?! Nice! 

Gold Standard (dry aged beef sirloin burger with smoked bacon, aged goat cheddar cheese, tomato confit, baby arugula & garlic-chive aioli) $17.50~ Sub for sweet potato fries +$2~ I really liked this despite hating goat cheese. I was willing to overlook the goat cheese stank with this burger. haha. The tomato confit and arugula was great with the meats. 

The Rising Sun (kobe beef, teriyaki glaze, nori furikake, crispy yam, spicy mayo & tempura avocado) $17~ Sub for thick cut onion rings +$2~ This was totally interesting. Slightly sweet with the teriyaki sauce but not too much. The tempura avocado added a creaminess. It was delicious! And I was told to try the onion rings. They are definitely better than the fries. Super crispy! 

El Machete (beef patty, fire roasted anaheim chili, avocado, borracho onions, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion & spicy "Machete" aioli; served with shoestring fries) $16~ I loved this as well. hahaha. I liked all of them, what can I say. This one was spicy, which I love. Nom Nom Nom! 

OMG. I tried 4 different burgers, 3 types of fries, 1 onion ring, and a shake... Needless to say, I was too full to get a shake for myself. haha. Nommy! The burgers are a bit pricey but you are in Vegas!! And it's worth it! Still one of my favorites. Go check it out!!! :D 

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