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Friday, December 28, 2012


Still hungry after happy hour, I took the opportunity to head to Bishop Arts since it was so close! I wanted to try Oddfellows and hoped that there wasn't a wait. Every time I've tried to go there's a line out the door... And we lucked out this time. No wait at all. Sweet! I'm super excited! 

Oddfellows - Bishop Arts 
316 West 7th Street 
Dallas, TX 75208 
(214) 944-5958 
Price: $-$$ 

The hostess greeted us at the door. Really nice and told us we can sit wherever we want. The decor was very rustic and homey, definitely fits the comfort food, brunchy food they've got going on. And the menu looked awesome... I wanted to try everything! 

My friend got the Beef Brisket Pasta (egg noodle, braised brisket, butternut squash, cream sauce, blue cheese, fresh herbs) $14~ 
It was like a southern twist to beef stroganoff. I liked it a lot. The egg noodles were cooked well. The cream sauce was delicious. We were a little apprehensive when we saw blue cheese in the description but the flavor was really mild, you couldn't really even tell it's in there, so that was good. The brisket was a bit dry and I didn't see any butternut squash which was a bummer. But it was a very comforting dish. My friend didn't like it as much as me though. It's ok, I helped him eat it. hahaha. 

I wasn't super hungry but wanted to try various things so I got a Taco (egg, heirloom tomato, quinoa, baby mustard greens, queso fresco, grilled flour tortilla) $3.75~ 
The combination sounded interesting, and the waiter said it was a pretty light and healthy option. Plus I love quinoa so I was sold! I'm not a big taco fan, but I do love breakfast tacos and this was basically like a scramble in flour tortilla. The eggs were nice and fluffy and I liked the mixture of the greens in there. There wasn't much quinoa though, and could've used more seasoning. The salsa on the side helped. I liked it still, good portion for the price and it was light. 

I also got Pancakes (gingerbread and red velvet) 2 for $6~ 
I LOVE pancakes and these were two flavors I just couldn't pass up. I'm glad I only got two because they were huge!!! Super yummy, especially the red velvet one. The texture was perfect and it wasn't too sweet. The whipped cream cheese was literally the icing on the cake. haha. The gingerbread was spicy and warm but was a bit drier than the red velvet. Nothing a bit of extra maple syrup won't help though! SO GOOD! The red velvet pancake totally beat the one I had at Max's Wine Dive in uptown... 
Totally satisfying dinner. Definitely trumped the puny happy hour earlier. The food was fantastic, did not disappoint even with my high expectations. And our waiter, Jonathan, was awesome as well. Very personable and friendly. He gave some suggestions and even joked around with us. Always makes the dining experience better when there's good service. :) And guess what? Our entire meal was less than what we paid at happy hour... Geez. :P I will definitely be back in the near future. So many more menu items to try!!! 

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