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Friday, January 27, 2012

LA!! Coolhaus

Back in LA again! Just for fun...and of course FOOD! There's so many great places to eat in LA and it usually never disappoints!

I'm traveling with 3 of my closest friends this time and I wanted to take them to some places I really liked in the past.

One of the first stops was Coolhaus for some yummy ice cream sandwiches. :) They actually just opened their first store front. I went to their truck the first time I had it. The store had more ice cream options than the truck. Plus we got to sit inside to eat it all.

8588 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 424-5559
Price: $

One Story Ice Cream Sandwich (one scoop of Earl Grey ice cream with two cookies: Flapjack and Red Velvet) $5~
One of my friends and I decided to share one. I asked for them to actually put the ice cream in a cup so it's easier to eat. The guy ended up giving us TWO scoops of ice cream!! OMG... so much food! The Earl Grey ice cream was fantastic. Not overly sweet and kinda has a floral undertone. It paired well with the cookies which were quite sweet. The flapjack cookie was really good. You can totally taste the maple syrup just like on a pancake. The cup was a really good idea because there's no clean way to eat one of these sandwiches! haha.

One Story Ice Cream Sandwich (one scoop of Chocolate Cointreau ice cream with two cookies: oatmeal raisin) $5~
The chocolate cointreau was really good. You can definitely taste the orange from the liqueur and the chocolate was rich and creamy. The ice cream sandwiches come with an edible rice paper. I personally do not like it... but it would get stuck to the cookies so it was hard and messy to peel off.

One Story Ice Cream Sandwich (one scoop of Candied Bacon ice cream with two cookies: Flapjack and S'mores) $5~
I tried the candied bacon ice cream before and loved it. It's still just as good. You definitely taste and feel the chunks of bacon inside the ice cream. YUM!!

Good first stop for our weekend trip! Coolhaus makes some great ice cream and a lot of exotic flavors! And the guys at the store were super nice. :)

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